PS-25, Revision: PS0025.R02, Effective: December 9, 2004

    Excerpt from PS-25: 

    Nepotism is favoritism in employment or promotion on the basis of family relationship rather than on the basis of merit. 

    Immediate family is defined as children, spouses of children, brothers and their spouses, sisters and their spouses, parents, spouse and the parents of the spouse.

    Employment means all University employment relationships including faculty, other academic, unclassified, classified, student and others. Code of Ethics refers to the Code of Governmental Ethics of the State of Louisiana, Title 42, Revised Statutes.

    It is the policy of Louisiana State University to recruit and employ the best qualified individuals solely on the basis of merit. In accordance with this policy, persons related to University employees by blood or marriage will not be excluded from employment by the University.

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