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Employee Discipline

If a University employee is exhibiting problems with their performance and/or conduct, they may be subject to discipline. The type of discipline should reflect the seriousness of the offense and the type of employee receiving the disciplinary action. All employees should become familiar with the PS-08, the university's policy on Employee Discipline Procedures for Professional, Other Academic, and Classified Employees. Regardless of the employee type, all discipline must provide due process to the employee and be distributed fairly and equitably.

The first response to a performance problem (e.g., unacceptable attendance, unsatisfactory job performance or inappropriate conduct) is a coaching session. A coaching session is the most effective way to deal with a small problem before it becomes a bigger problem.  

Classified Employees

State Civil Service Rules govern the employee-employer relationship for classified employees. The process, positive discipline, involves a series of steps taken by management to instruct and assist employees in reaching a satisfactory level of performance and/or displaying appropriate behavior in the workplace. The system is dependent upon the employee's recognition of his/her need to accept and conform to the University's standards of performance and conduct.

Professional Employees & Other Academic Employees 

Professional and other academic employees hold their positions at the pleasure of the Board of Supervisors, except as otherwise stated in the By-Laws and Regulations of the LSU Board of Supervisors. Supervisors considering termination or discipline of professional and other academic employees should contact Employee Relations.