Standards for Success

Greek Standards for Success are comprised of three (3) areas of Standards: Academics, Operations and Education. Chapters are required to meet the standards in all three areas in order to be Accredited for the next calendar year. Chapters who fail to achieve Accreditation will have 30 days to address deficiencies (if applicable). Failure to achieve Accreditation will result in the chapter being placed on Conditional Status for the following calendar year.

Conditional Status

Conditional Status is defined as "registered with the University with limited rights and responsibilities of a student organization." (2020-2021 Greek Life Operational Policy)

A chapter on Conditional Status shall only be eligible to sponsor programs and activities that support the recruitment/intake efforts of the organization. Thus, all other on- campus and off-campus events will not be permitted. Recruitment/Intake paperwork must be received and approved by Greek Life, according to office policy, prior to any programs or activities being approved.

During this Conditional period, the chapter is responsible for meeting the standards of Accreditation. In the event a chapter on Conditional Status does not achieve Accreditation the following calendar year, chapter registration will be rescinded.


To achieve accreditation for this Standard, the chapter and its members shall:

  • Maintain an active GPA at or above a 2.5 every semester
  • Maintain a new member GPA at or above a 2.5 every semester

New member GPA will be calculated every semester Recruitment/Intake is facilitated. Chapters will receive midterm and final grade reports from Greek Life to assess the chapter’s academic success.


To achieve accreditation for this Standard, the chapter shall:

  • Require each chapter to have a written new member education plan (including specific activities planned, intended outcomes, and schedule/program length) for those plans to be certified by the chapter president, new member education director, advisory board chairs and approved by the International Headquarters or representative, annually. Require a submission of new member education plans to the Greek Life Office for review each semester new members are recruited/brought into the chapter.

  • Require all chapter advisory boards to exercise oversight and accountability for the new member recruitment and education process with at least one board member present at new member meetings and activities.
  • Verify annually that each chapter has a functioning, active Judicial Board with chapter advisory board oversight.
  • Require each chapter to have a "membership contract" to be signed by every member each year which includes a code of conduct, explicit agreement to comply with all University and chapter policies, other behavioral expectations, and consequences for related infractions at a minimum and have a copy of each chapter's contract on file at the Greek Life Office.
  • Require each chapter to have a drug-free policy for chapter houses and chapter events with enforcement mechanisms and consequences for non-compliance
  • Provide timely submission of materials to the Greek Life Office (maximum three (3) late submissions).

  • Attend Presidents Cabinet, IFC, NPHC, or PHC meetings (maximum two (2) absences).
  • Maintain good financial standing with LSU, governing council, and HQ.
  • Social Event Policy Acknowledgement for Presidents.
  • Social Event Policy Acknowledgement for Advisors.
  • Meet the Chapter Advisor requirement of 3 (local/contiguous parishes) advisors.


To achieve accreditation for this Standard, the chapter shall require:

  • President certifies that 100% of chapter completes the Greek Life Policy Acknowledgement Statement.
  • President certifies that 100% of chapter completes University Hazing Prevention Education. Training can be completed using the University Online Module.
  • 70% of chapter attend the Greek Life Fall Policy Education Workshop.
  • 50% of chapter attend an Academic, Diversity/Inclusion, Health/Safety, Leadership or Career Experience/Training/Workshop, etc
  • 70% of chapter attend a Sexual Misconduct Program.
  • One advisor from each chapter attend Advisor Training each year

Number of required attendees will be determined by Greek Life for the following:

  • Attendance at Chapter Officer Training
  • Attendance at Chapter New Member Educator Training
  • Functioning/written Judicial Board with chapter advisor supervision and attendance at University provided training

Appeals will be submitted and considered by the Oversight Committee.

Outstanding Order of Omega Chapter Criteria:

  • Sorority/ Fraternity must be above all women’s/ men's average each semester.

  • One chapter organized service or philanthropy event each year. (Annual)

  • 80% of members to write one letter for Greek Week fundraising projects. (Annual)

  • Chapter host one non-alcoholic event with another chapter. (Annual)

  • 70% of chapter to perform four (4) service hours. (Annual)

  • 70% of chapter attend two an Academic, Diversity, Health/Safety, Leadership or Career Experience/Training/Workshop , etc (Annual)

  • 20% of chapter to participate in Greek Week.

  • University Advocate to attend one chapter meeting. (Annual)

  • Chapter may not have had a University conduct status during the Accreditation Period.

Extenuating circumstances will be considered by the Greek Life Office.