President’s Action Plan

Code of Student Conduct -- Section 10.2 M

Max Gruver Act -- Act 635 - Crime/Felonies:  Amends penalties relative to the crime of hazing.

PM-80: Prohibition of Hazing

Act 640 - Colleges/Universities: Requires reporting, policies, and education on hazing.

Act 481 - Civil Procedure:  Authorizes exemplary damages in civil actions for death from hazing.

Act 512 - Public Records: Exempts specified personally identifiable information from the Public Records Law, related to reporting violations of student codes of conduct or other policies intended for the safety of students or employees of postsecondary education institutions.

Act 637 - Crime/Misdemeanor: Creates a penalty for those who fail to seek medical assistance when reckless behavior results in serious bodily injury.

Hazing Prevention

Report Hazing