Leadership Development

greek students at 2019 leadership retreat
leadership retreat
greek students at tri-council leadership retreat


Greek Life Education & Training Report

TriCouncil Retreat

NPHC, IFC and PHC leadership participate in a two-day training equipping them with the knowledge and skills to perform their roles. In addition, these leaders are prepped to assist in the Tri-Council Retreat execution as part of the leadership team in conjunction with Greek Life staff and Greek Leadership Institute (GLI) members. This team conducts an intensive two-day overnight retreat and training for all incoming chapter presidents, council delegates, and Council officers. Topics include risk management training, diversity and inclusion, leadership development, team building, and community building.

Empower Retreat

EMPOWER Weekend is a weekend long leadership retreat for the up and coming Greek leaders of the LSU Community. Hosted and facilitated by the Greek Board of Directors, this weekend focuses on building community relationships, and developing freshman, and sophomore leaders.

Greek Leadership Institute

Greek Leadership Institute (GLI) members conduct an intensive three-day/two-night over-night retreat for two to seven of the newest members of each chapter. Small groups are created and led by two facilitators trained by Greek Life staff and GLI members. Topics include cross-Council education, StrengthsQuest, diversity and inclusion, leadership development, team building, chapter goal setting, and community building.

Good to Great

This program is developed specifically for sophomore students interested in becoming leaders in the LSU Greek community. Greek Leadership Institute and Greek Life staff members conduct a three-hour workshop using concepts found in Jim Collin’s book “Good to Great.

We’re Committed

Greek Life staff trains chapter executive board members on the LSU Sexual Misconduct Policy (Permanent Memorandum-73) and the application of PM-73 in the Greek community. A specific theme is selected each year for this educational program based on the trends from accountability reports and Council culture.

LHRD 4809: Greek Presidents Leadership Class: Leadership Theory & Practice

Led by the Associate Director of Greek Leadership and Training, LHRD 4809 is a 3-hour credit class for Greek Organization presidents. Enrollment is optional, but encouraged. Course topics include Leadership Theory, Risk Management, LSU Code of Conduct, Mental Health Services, Behavioral Intervention, StrengthsQuest, Inclusion and Identity Development, and Values-Based Leadership.

Hazing Prevention Week

In conjunction with the National Hazing Prevention Week, the Greek Life office facilitates an intentional marketing campaign on warning signs of hazing. Letters are sent to parents of all new IFC and NPHC members, as well as to IFC and NPHC chapter presidents and advisors. Additional outreach includes Reveille ads, campus computer screen savers, posters, and online through websites of Greek Life and Office of the Dean of Students.

Officer Trainings

Fraternities and sororities at LSU, as well as the IFC, NPHC, PHC Executive Boards elect leaders in November/December each year. (One chapter currently elects in April.)

As a result, the Greek Life office conduct all leadership training in early spring to accommodate the needs of those student leaders. These annual trainings include:

  • President’s Cabinet Meeting (monthly)
  • Greek Chapter Officer Workshop (January)
  • Chapter Judicial Board Training (January)
  • Council Judicial Board Training (March)
  • New Member Educator Training (April)
  • Recruitment Chairman Training (April)
  • Recruitment Counselor Training (April)
  • PM-68 (House Management) Training (May)
  • NPHC New Member Orientation (prior to the start of membership intake)
  • Chapter Advisor Training/Seminar (summer)
  • Fall Kick Off Meeting (August)
  • PHC Sophomore Convocation (August)
  • PHC/IFC Potential New Member Convocation (August)
  • Alcohol, Drug, Hazing, Sexual Assault, and Bystander Intervention Training (fall)
  • Resident Assistant Hazing Prevention Workshops (fall)