Fraternity and Sorority Life Unity Council

The LSU Fraternity and Sorority Life Unity Council (FSLUC) ensures the welfare and continued growth and development of the Greek community while promoting activities for the benefit of the LSU Greek and Baton Rouge communities.

Created in 2004, FSLUC unifies Greek organizations through programs and serves as an advisory council to the office of Greek Life in a visionary role to move the Greek community forward.

FSLUC committees include:

Greek Ambassadors

The Greek Ambassador program is an outreach program for current Greek members interested in connecting with prospective students, families, and alumni. Greek Ambassadors serve as representatives of PHC, IFC, NPHC, FSLUC, and the Greek Life office to communicate a comprehensive view of Greek life at LSU. These student leaders educate prospective students and families on various aspects of the Greek community, including leadership, philanthropy, academics, and social activities. Greek Ambassadors maintain a high level of professionalism, friendliness, and knowledge of Greek life.

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Greek Week

Since partnering with the Baton Rouge chapter of Habitat for Humanity in 2004, the LSU Greek Community has built 28 homes for deserving families in the Baton Rouge area. This extraordinary community project is accomplished through months of promotion and fundraising by students to make this event come to fruition. 

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Greek Week 2022 schedule and registration.

Habitat for Humanity Fundraising Project

Since 2004, the LSU Greek Community has partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Baton Rouge (HFHGBR) to put on the largest campus-wide Greek philanthropic event, known as Greek Week.  

Greek Week is a special time at LSU when fraternities and sororities come together to make a difference in the Baton Rouge community. Over the past 14 years, LSU Greeks have raised more than $2 million for HFHGBR. 

In the months leading up to Greek Week chapters host fundraising projects. At these events, members write letters to family and friends asking them to contribute to the cause. In the addition to support from families and friends, businesses help make Greek Week possible through sponsorships.

If you are interested in helping families in need by making a donation, please visit HFHGBR's Online Donation page.  To learn more about HFHGBR, visit the HFHGBR website.  If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor or have questions about Greek Week Fundraising, please email our Fundraising Director.

Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee promotes and builds awareness for FSLUC’s programming events. The PR team also assists our Greek organizations in marketing their individual events. FSLUC PR maintains relationships with local media, University administration, and the Baton Rouge community to promote relevant topics from the Greek community.


In the spirit of competition, the Greek community has been holding Songfest for 97 years. Songfest originally began as a men’s singing competition. Through the years, it evolved into a choreographed dance competition among LSU’s fraternities and sororities and is the primary fundraising event for FSLUC.

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The FSLUC coordinated fundraising efforts of the 36 chapters and raised more than $200,000 through an all-Greek Community letter writing campaign. The students, in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Baton Rouge, built two homes for two families in eight days in celebration of Greek Week.

In addition, Greeks donate more than $450,000 collectively to charitable organizations and contribute more than 20,000 hours of community service on average annually.



Current members

Twelve (12) LSU students serve on the Greek Board of Directors:

Madeleine Thibeaux

VP, Administration
Olivia Christopher

Fundraising Director
Jaden Sharp

Assistant Director
Averie Konopka

Greek Ambassadors Director
Meghan Romano

Assistant Director
Jacob (Jack) Matt

Greek Week Director
Navy Coggins

Assistant Director
Kathryn (KK) Welty

Public Relations Director
Anna Lantier

Assistant Director
Kennedy Logan

Songfest Director
Madison Dies

Assistant Director
Emily Roberts