Master’s and Doctoral Programs

Program Department
Accounting, MAcc
Accounting, PhD
Agricultural Economics, MS
Agricultural Economics, PhD
Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness
Animal, Dairy and Poultry Sciences, MS
Animal and Dairy Sciences, PhD
School of Animal Sciences
Architecture, MA  School of Architecture
Art History, MA
Studio Art, MFA
Cultural Preservation, DDes 
School of Art & Design
Biological & Agricultural Engineering, MSBAE
Biological Engineering, PhD
Biological & Agricultural Engineering
Biochemistry, MS
Biochemistry, PhD
Biological Sciences, MS
Biological Sciences, PhD
Biological Sciences 
Business Administration, MBA Business Administration
Chemical Engineering, MS
Chemical Engineering, PhD
Chemical Engineering
Chemistry, MS
Chemistry, PhD
Civil Engineering, MSCE
Civil Engineering, PhD
Coastal and Ecological Engineering, MS
Civil & Environmental Engineering 
Communication Disorders, MA
Communication Disorders, PhD
Communication Sciences & Disorders
Communication Studies, MA
Communication Studies, PhD
Communication Studies
Comparative Literature, PhD Comparative Literature
Computer Science, MS
Computer Science, PhD
Computer Science 
Construction Management, MSCM Construction Management
Economics, MS
Economics, PhD
Digital Media Arts & Engineering, MDMAE Digital Media Arts & Engineering

Applied Research, Measurement, & Evaluation, MA

Clinical Mental Health Counseling, MEd

Counseling, EdS

Curriculum Studies, EdS, MA, PhD

Early Childhood Education, EdS, MEd, PhD

Education with a Specialization in Higher Education, MA

Educational Leadership P-12, PhD

Educational Research Methodology, PhD

Elementary Education (Grades 1–5), MAT

English Education, EdS, MEd, PhD

Gifted Education, EdS, MEd, PhD

Higher Education Administration, PhD

Literacy Education, EdS, MEd, PhD

Secondary Education (Grades 6–12), MAT

School Counseling, MEd

Science Education, EdS, MEd, PhD

Social Studies Education, EdS, MEd, PhD

Special Education, EdS, MEd, PhD

School of Education    
Electrical Engineering, MS
Electrical Engineering, PhD
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Engineering Science, MS
Engineering Science, PhD
Creative Writing, MFA
English, MA
English, PhD
Entomology, MS
Entomology, PhD
Environmental Sciences, MS
Environmental Sciences, PhD
Environmental Sciences
Applied Statistics, MapSt Experimental Statistics
Finance, MS
Finance, PhD in Business Administration
Nutrition and Food Sciences, MS
Nutrition and Food Sciences, PhD
Food Science
Hispanic Studies, MA Foreign Languages & Literatures
French, MA
French, PhD
French Studies
Anthropology, MA
Anthropology, PhD
Geography, MS
Geography, PhD
Geography & Anthropology 
Geology, MS
Geology, PhD
Geology & Geophysics
History, MA
History, PhD
Kinesiology, MS
Kinesiology, PhD
School of Kinesiology
Landscape Architecture, MLA School of Landscape Architecture
Leadership and Human Resource Development, MS
Leadership and Human Resource Development, PhD
School of Leadership and Human Resource Development
Liberal Arts, MALA Liberal Arts
Library and Information Science, MLIS School of Library and Information Science
Management, PhD in Business Administration Management
Marketing, PhD in Business Administration Marketing
Mass Communication, MMC
Mass Communication and Public Affairs, PhD
School of Mass Communication  
Mathematics, MS
Mathematics, PhD

Mechanical Engineering, MSME
Mechanical Engineering, PhD
Industrial Engineering, MSIE

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering 
Music, MM
Music, DMA
Music, PhD
School of Music
Natural Sciences, MNS Natural Sciences
Oceanography & Coastal Sciences, MS
Oceanography & Coastal Sciences, PhD
Oceanography & Coastal Sciences
Petroleum Engineering, MS
Petroleum Engineering, PhD
Petroleum Engineering
Philosophy, MA Philosophy & Religious Studies
Medical Physics & Health Physics, MS
Medical Physics & Health Physics, PhD
Physics, MS
Physics, PhD
Physics & Astronomy 
Plant, Environmental & Soil Sciences, MS
Plant, Environmental & Soil Sciences, PhD
School of Plant, Environmental & Soil Sciences
Plant Pathology, MS
Plant Pathology, PhD
Plant Pathology & Crop Physiology
Political Science, MA
Political Science, PhD
Political Science
Psychology, PhD Psychology
Public Administration, MPA Public Administration Institute
Renewable Natural Resources, MS
Renewable Natural Resources, PhD
Renewable Natural Resources
Social Work. MSW
Social Work, PhD
School of Social Work 
Sociology, MA
Sociology, PhD
Analytics, MS
Information Systems & Decision Sciences, PhD in Business Administration
Stephenson Department of Entrepreneurship & Information Systems
Textiles, Apparel & Merchandising, MS
Textiles, Apparel & Merchandising, PhD
Textiles, Apparel Design & Merchandising
Theatre, MFA
Theatre, PhD
Comparative Biomedical Sciences, MS
Comparative Biomedical Sciences, PhD
Pathobiological Sciences, MS
Pathobiological Sciences, PhD
Veterinary Clinical Sciences, MS
Veterinary Clinical Sciences, PhD

School of Veterinary Medicine

(Biomedical and Veterinary Medical Sciences)