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Nominations Review Process

Obtaining Graduate Faculty Status

Initial Appointment Promotion & Tenure Review
With initial appointment at LSU, Graduate Faculty (GF) status (Associate Member or Full Member) and the term will be noted on the appointment form. The Graduate School (GS), working with HRM, will document these GF appointments. For tenured and tenure-track appointments the academic dean’s approval of GF status on the appointment form is required. Assistant professors are appointed as associate members for seven-year terms. The promotion and/or tenure package will include a recommendation for GF status to be effective the same date as the proposed action. GS, working with HRM, will document the outcome of the review. The Graduate Council Promotion & Tenure subcommittee’s review is continued for tenure and promotion as one part of the Provost’s Advisory Committee review.


Annual Performance Review Term or Off-Campus Affiliate Appointment Administrative Approval

All faculty participate in an annual performance evaluation. In the annual evaluation, the department chair will consider whether the graduate faculty member has demonstrated a current and sustained record of scholarly or creative activities consistent with the standards for GF status. Based on the evaluation, the department chair will recommend to the dean:

  • Continued appointment to GF; conditional continued appointment to GF – with recommendations for improvement in teaching and/or research;
  • Change/removal of GF status. If the chair recommends conditional continued appointment or change/removal of GF status, the faculty member must submit a current CV to the dean. The dean will make the final determination of the GF status. Changes in GF status should be documented with a justification given. A review of the GF status of deans, vice-chancellors, and others reporting directly to the provost is included in the individual’s annual review by the provost and any change in the GF status is reported to the graduate dean.

Faculty not on tenure track or not appointed on the LSU A&M campus should include a GF status evaluation in annual reviews. These appointments usually involve research affiliate or professional affiliate status, which will continue as three-year term appointments. New appointments and re-appointments should be reviewed and reported to the GS upon recommendation by the academic dean. The Graduate Council will make a recommendation regarding GF status to the graduate dean who will make the final approval.

Affiliate nominee appointments are reviewed and voted on by the Graduate Council six times per school year, three times in the Fall semester and three times in the Spring semester. The Graduate School Dean will make the final approval and notify the college dean and representative of the final decision.

Completed nomination forms, including a letter of justification and current curriculum vitae, can be emailed to

All other GF appointments are handled via administrative approvals by chairs with the academic college dean’s recommendation using an administrative approval form with CV. Administrative appointments should be sent forward to the GS upon recommendation by the academic dean for approval by the GS dean.

Completed forms can be submitted to



The faculty member may appeal the decision regarding her/his GF status to the Graduate Council. The appeal must include the justification for the status change or conditional continuation from the academic dean. The faculty member may choose to provide a defense of his/her record in addition to the CV. The Graduate Council will make a recommendation to the Provost who will make the final decision regarding the individual’s GF status.

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