Forms, Policies & Catalog

Students in classroomAt various points in your graduate career at LSU, you will need to fill out forms for milestone events such as general exams and graduation. View a comprehensive list of all forms for Master’s, Doctoral, and certificate programs.

Many of the most commonly asked questions, including questions about registration and enrollment, tuition and fees, theses, dissertations, and graduation are answered in the Enrolled Student FAQ.

Your first stop for deadlines for adding/dropping courses, scheduling exams, and graduation should be LSU’s academic calendar as well as the Graduate School’s calendar.

Many questions about program requirements, courses offered, and policies and procedures are detailed in LSU’s Catalog. The catalog also details the graduate minors available at LSU which can enhance your knowledge and career opportunities.

Have a concern about research ethics, academic dishonesty, or need to report a violation of the Code of Student Conduct? Visit Student Advocacy and Accountability, whose mission includes fostering cognitive, personal, professional, and academic development through proactive education and intervention, identification of resources, and encouraging healthy life choices.

View a comprehensive list of all LSU policies. Common policy memos that graduate students may need to consult may include the following:

  • PM-13: University Travel Regulations 
  • PM-31: Regulations for Louisiana Residency Classification for Tuition Purposes
  • PM-73: Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Policy
  • PS-21: Graduate Assistantships
  • PS-22: Student Absence From Class
  • PS-85: Preparation of Teaching Assistants