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Graduate School Climate Survey

View a short summary presentation of the Graduate School Climate Survey.

Graduate Assistant Headcount Dashboard

Visit the LSU Budget & Planning website to view the Graduate Assistant Headcount Dashboard.

Graduation & Retention Rate Data for Graduate Programs

The data are presented for LSU overall, for each Academic College, and for each degree program within the Academic Colleges.

Explanatory Notes: In Fall 2015, the Hebert Law Center realigned with the LSU campus. Beginning that term, enrollment reports include an unduplicated count of students enrolled at the Law Center and the main campus. The asterisk (*) in the cohort entry indicates a cohort of less than five students. Some programs have been discontinued and thus do not show enrollment past the discontinued date. Some programs are new and thus do not show enrollment data prior to the start date of the program. Some programs do not enroll new students each year, thus checking the Year entry is important.