Fall 2018 Geaux Forward Project Update

As a community, LSU has made considerable headway in our concerted efforts to follow through with the Geaux Forward implementation launch schedule.  In partnership with Transforming Solutions, Inc., across LSU, we have executed 328 hours of working sessions in 164 meetings across four institutions to map 343 current state Student processes (LSUA=49, LSU A&M=183, LSUE=29, LSUS=82).  We have also partnered with Workday to define the implementation effort.

Over the course of these spring and summer activities,  the need to distinguish between ‘multi-campus’ and ‘multi-institution’ implementations and to integrate LSU Online’s recently established 2025 enrollment goal emerged as critical priorities. With these considerations and the software delivery schedule in mind, the proposed timeline for multi-institution implementation will extend to 2021 instead of 2020.  The new schedule will give us a welcome opportunity to prototype configuration options for multi-institution academic organization, consider process improvements in the student lifecycle, and design a better user experience

The newly formed Geaux Forward Working Group, a subcommittee of the IT Governance Council, will be called upon to provide direct guidance to the Geaux Forward team on these activities as well as other key issues. The implementation of a new Student system will be complex, and we look forward to working with the entire LSU community to advance the implementation.

Thank you for your engagement to date in this important initiative. We are excited to partner with you to continue the momentum.  Together, let’s GEAUX FORWARD.

Project Leadership

Student Program Director

Tom Glenn

Implementation Manager

Susan Flanagin

Project Manager

Dionne Barnum

Project Team

Nicole Ferrante

M.E. Hart

Byron Honoré

John Hogg

Crystal Murphy

Shana Villa