Focused for the Future

At LSU, we embody the promise of tomorrow, breaking through boundaries to knowledge and unlocking solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues.


Protecting and Preserving for the Future

  • More than 200 LSU faculty are dedicated to coastal research — the largest group of experts focused on the coast and environment in Louisiana.

  • LSU researchers study where Mississippi River mud moves to speed up land growth and slow down erosion. This informs coastal planners on current and future erosion, sediment deposits, and plant growth to mitigate land loss.

  • Through the LSU Coastal Roots program, more than 23,000 youth have planted 168,567 seedlings and grass plugs on 430 coastal restoration trips.


Developing Sustainable Energy Alternatives for the Future


Improving Health and Well Being for the Future

  • LSU Health New Orleans and Shreveport offer free cancer screenings throughout Louisiana.

  • LSU is working on various new chemotherapies and cancer-fighting drugs that prevent and attack cancer without destroying healthy cells.

  • LSU is studying individual cancer cells to predict how a person’s cancer will respond to treatment before the treatment is even administered.


Forging a Strong Economy for the Future

  • LSU was responsible for $5.1 billion in economic impact to the state, which is effectively $1,097 per Louisiana citizen.

  • Supports 2.6 percent of all Louisiana jobs.

  • LSU graduates will enjoy increased earnings totaling $8.6 billion



$1.1 Billion

Research Portfolio


$1.5 Billion

Advancement Campaign Goal




Bold Numbers. Boundless Ambitions. Big Impact.