Parent & Family Checklist

 Welcome to the LSU Tiger Family! View the Parent & Family Checklist to learn more about your transition to LSU and your next steps after completing online orientation. 

Become a Member of the LSU Family Association

Visit to learn more about
the LSU Family Association and
become a member.


Create a myProxy Account

MyProxy will allow you to have access
to view/pay your Tiger's fees. Visit for more information.

Submit Immunization Forms to the Student Health Center

Your Tiger should submit proof of
immunizations and complete the
Tuberculosis questionnaire found on
page 2 of the same form. For more info
and to retrieve the form, visit

Add Additional Services

After your Tiger schedules classes,
remind them to add additional services
via myLSU, such as meal plans. Visit and click the
meal plans tab to view options for 
residents and commuters.


Register for a Parking Permit

Does your Tiger plan to bring a vehicle to
campus? Review the the student permit
details here. Register for a parking permit
through the online portal here

Have Your Student Complete MyStudentBody

MyStudentBody is an online
comprehensive health education
program. Incoming students are
required to complete the
MyStudentBody Essentials Course.

Complete Registration by Paying Tuition and Fees by the Deadline

Students pay their fee bill via myLSU,
and parents/guardians can view and
pay via a myProxy account. Fee bills will
be available starting on July 14, 2021.
The fee bill deadline is August 8, 2021 at
4:30 PM CST.


Have the Important Conversations 

Discuss your expectations and
encourage responsibility in the personal
choices your student will be making.
Students should read the LSU Code of
Student Conduct.

Create a Move-In Day Checklist

Visit to learn more!

Get Ready for Welcome Week

For more info, visit


 Bring Important Documents

If your student plans to get a job
(on or off campus) while in Baton
Rouge, they need to be able to provide
acceptable documentation. Employees
must provide documentation to their
employers to show their identity and
authorization to work.

Make a Financial Plan

Talk about how your student intends to
budget and pay expenses, and discuss
employment options for your student.
Visit the Student Financial
Management Center for tips.

Send Care Packages

Send notes from home, practical items,
or treats to share with roommates and
friends. These are especially welcome
during more stressful times of the


Make Plans to Attend Family Weekend

Visit for
more information.


Call or email LSU Parent & Family 
Programs with any questions you have!
225-578-1173 or