Tornado Warnings

A tornado warning is an alert from the National Weather Service stating that a tornado has been sighted. Warnings are received at the dispatch center. Information and directions will be transmitted via the “Emergency Broadcast Network,” fax, e-mail, or other available means. Note that this warning may not be able to be transmitted, may not reach everyone, and/or may be too late for people to respond. For that reason, all staff and students should be watchful and responsible during potential weather emergencies and advise others to take cover when they become aware of a tornado warning for the immediate campus area.

What You Should Do

  1. Move to the basement or ground floor center hall of the building where you are located; close office doors as you leave.
  2. Do not use elevators.
  3. Stay away from windows and doors with glass panes.
  4. Sit or crouch in an inner hall or room.
  5. Do not leave the tornado safety area until given the all-clear from emergency personnel or other responsible individuals.
  6. Do not get into your vehicle or attempt to drive anywhere.

What Will Happen

  1. LSU police officers will monitor the situation with the National Weather Service and local authorities.
  2. Once the tornado threat has passed, officers will notify building occupants and give the all-clear.

LSU Emergency Contacts

Save these numbers in your cell phone.

LSU Police Department

Campus Crisis Information


Traffic Evacuation Plan

Learn about the plan and download the traffic evacuation map.

map: Evacuation Plan