Ozone Watch

10 Tips to help control ozone formation:

  1. Limit daytime driving and combine errands. Drive “emission wise.” Avoid prolonged idling and jackrabbit starts. Walk or ride a bicycle for short trips.
  2. Carpool and use public transportation when possible. Take your lunch to work.
  3. Refuel your vehicle during cooler evening hours (after 6 p.m.). Don’t top off your tank and avoid spills.
  4. Defer mowing your grass until late evening or the next day.
  5. Avoid the use of gasoline-powered equipment like chain saws, garden equipment, outboard motors and off-road or recreational vehicles. If you must use them, wait until after 6 p.m.
  6. Postpone chores that use oil based paint, varnishes and solvents.
  7. If you must barbecue, use an electric starter or chimney instead of starter fluid.
  8. Maintain your vehicle to minimize pollutants emissions and maintain fuel efficiency.
  9. Make certain your gas cap seals tightly. If it is missing, buy a new one.
  10. Conserve energy in your home.

Additional information about current air quality in the Baton Rouge area is available online at the DEQ websitehttp://deq.louisiana.gov/

Recorded ozone forecast messages from DEQ are available at 225-219-0857. To obtain information on the highest air quality readings for the Greater Baton Rouge area please call 225-219-3543.

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