Emergency Response Plan

In all cases, university emergency responses shall place primary emphasis on the protection of human life, and all reasonable efforts shall be made to protect and preserve University property.

Announcements about whether the university will reduce or suspend operations because of emergency conditions will be made by the Chancellor and/or the LSU Emergency Operations Center through the Office of University Relations for release to the media as follows:

  • If only classes are to be dismissed, but all other normal operations of the university are to continue, the announcement shall be: “All classes, public events and related activities at LSU are suspended today (or until further notice). However, all departmental offices will be open and all employees, including faculty and graduate assistants whose work extends beyond conducting classes, are expected to report to work.”
  • If university offices are to be closed and other operations suspended along with the suspension of classes, the announcement shall state: “All classes, public events, and related activities at LSU are suspended and all offices and departments except those previously designated as required for essential operations will be closed today (or until further notice). Faculty and staff are not to report for work unless previously and specifically told to do so.”



LSU Emergency Contacts

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LSU Police Department

Campus Crisis Information


Traffic Evacuation Plan

Learn about the plan and download the traffic evacuation map.

map: Evacuation Plan