Program Objectives

ABET Definition: Program educational objectives are broad statements that describe the career and professional accomplishments that the program is preparing graduates to achieve.

BS Program Objectives

The program educational objectives of the BS program in Petroleum Engineering at LSU are to produce graduates, who within 2-5 years after graduation and for the remainder of their careers are able to:

  • Perform as engineering professionals in the upstream oil, gas and related industries, including academia and government, and excel in leadership, research, operational and technical roles;
  • Identify opportunities, solve complex engineering problems and make decisions and plans in the presence of uncertainty utilizing appropriate engineering & design principles and emerging technologies;
  • Effectively convey information, including technical concepts, risks, and recommendations, to and from peers, employers and employees, and the public; and
  • Demonstrate a high standard of professional ethics and competency throughout their careers.

Assessment: Focus group of recent graduates (1,2,3, 4). Employer survey (2,3,4). Track graduates and the positions they hold 5 years after graduation (1,3).

MS Program Objectives

The MS Program Objectives are intended to produce graduates who possess a higher level of understanding of the petroleum engineering discipline than the graduates of the BS Program. MS program engineers should be able to demonstrate the objectives of the BS Program, and within 2-5 years after graduation and for the remainder of their careers also:

  • Understand and apply petroleum engineering science and technology in a focused area such as drilling, reservoir, formation evaluation or completions at a level expected of an expert in the field.
  • Be able to understand the need for technology development in a focused area, and make the case to acquire or develop this technology to employers, employees, and the public.
  • Be able to succeed as a technical expert in industry or government agency, or as an instructor in academia.

PHD Program Objectives

The PhD Program Objectives are to produce graduates who are able to plan and conduct independent research which leads to the development of new knowledge. The graduates of the PhD Program should demonstrate the objectives of both the BS and MS programs and within 2-5 years of graduation and for the remainder of their careers also:

  • Become a recognized expert at a global level in a specific area of petroleum engineering or a related field.
  • Be able to succeed as a research leader in industry or government agency, or as a faculty member in academia

Enrollment and Degree Production Data

Academic Year Enrollment BS Awarded
2015-2016 801 187
2014-2015 753


2013-2014 605 109
2012-2013 500 77
2011-2012 375 75
2010-2011 318 64