Advisory Boards

The Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering seeks advice and guidance from three advising bodies. The Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Board of Advisors, The Mechanical Engineering Industry Advisory Board and The Industrial Engineering Industry Advisory Board.

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Board of Advisors

The MIE Department's Board of Advisors (MIE BoA) is composed of highly accomplished professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to help develop the department strategically and position it for leadership and future success.

  Dr. Keith ComeauxCuriosity Mars Probe Flight Director, National Aeronautics and Space Administration Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Pasadena, CA, USA.
  Mr. Sidney E. Fuchs (Chair Emeritus of MIE BoA and ME IAC), President and Chief Executive Officer, MacAulay Brown, Inc.; Dayton, OH, USA.
  Captain David J. Giurintano (Chair of MIE BoA and ME IAC), Retired, Former Rehabilitation Branch Chief of National Hansen’s Disease Programs, US Department of Health; Resides in Baton Rouge, LA, USA.
  Mr. Brandon Hoff, Managing Director, Baker Hughes Process and Pipeline Services.
  Mr. Richard J. Juneau (ME IAC Chair Emeritus), Retired, Co-Founder, Former Owner, and Chief Executive Officer, International Manufacturers Representatives, Inc. (IMR); Resides in Baton Rouge, LA, USA.
  Mr. Kevin Miller, Sr. Vice President, Chief Operating Officer Boardwalk Louisiana Midstream, LLC; Baton Rouge, LA, USA.
  Mr. C. Thomas Sands, DOTD Information Technology Director, State of Louisiana - Division of Administration, Office of Information Technology; Baton Rouge, LA, USA.
  Mr. John Stinson (Chair of IE IAC), President, Technology Engineers, Inc., Baton Rouge, LA, USA. 225-752-6277
  Dr. Gary Wooley (Chair CoE DAC), President, Wooley & Associates Inc., Houston, TX, USA.
  Dr. Tarek I. Zohdi, Professor and Vice Chair for Instruction, Mechanical Engineering Department; Chair of the Engineering Science Program, University of California--Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USA.