Fast Path

The Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering has partnered with the LSU Health Sciences Center - New Orleans to launch a fast track BS/MD/PhD program. The program is termed “Fast Path” because students earn all three degrees in one to three years less than a traditional path.

2020-2021 Fast Path Flowchart

Over the past 20 years, more than 50 percent of the LSU Biological Engineering graduates have attended medical school, graduate school, or other professional schools. LSU’s Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering has informally provided a pre-med path for students for many years. We are now proud to provide a formal program for these students.

Program Details

  • BS, Biological Engineering: 130 hours total coursework, including classes required for medical school
  • MD: During the second year of their BS, students apply for the Early Decision Program or Regular Admission at LSUHSC-NO Medical School
  • PhD, Biological Engineering: Students enter the PhD program after their second year of medical school
  • Upon completion of the PhD, students will continue with the third and fourth years of medical school and complete their MD. The total duration of the degree program is approximately 10 years.

Admission Requirements

The Fast Path program will admit up to 10 students annually. Students should have a 30 ACT or higher and are expected to enter LSU with significant Advanced Placement (AP) credit in Math and English, in addition to some arts, humanities, and social sciences. Admission to “Fast Path” will be based on case-by-case review by the LSU Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering and LSUHSC-NO.

If you have an ACT score of 30 or higher and have applied to LSU for the Biological Engineering BS program, you are automatically considered a Fast Path program candidate. 

Fast Path FAQs

The triple degree program is an undergraduate, medical, and doctoral program that provides highly qualified students an enriched undergraduate experience in preparation for medical school and doctoral studies.

If you would like to discuss the program and how it might fit into your career plans, please contact us:

LSU College of Engineering

Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering

149 E.B. Doran Building

Baton Rouge, La 70803

(225) 578-3153

Marybeth Lima, Department Chair, Cliff & Nancy Spanier Alumni Professor

Nicholas Totaro, Instructor, Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Cristina Sabliov, PhD, PE, Associate Professor, Graduate Program Coordinator


LSU Health Sciences Center - New Orleans

School of Medicine

1901 Perdido Street

New Orleans, La 70112


Steve Nelson, MD, Dean, School of Medicine

Joseph M. Moerschbaecher, PhD, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean, School of Graduate Studies