English Program Description

We are pleased to offer a Certification of College Readiness in English for high school students who successfully complete our English III pilot program.  The goal of this program is to prepare students for success in future English DE courses as well as on-campus college English courses. 

The English III pilot will

  • scaffold skills for mastery of college readiness requirements
  • incorporate standardized test preparation and state benchmark standards
  • provide professional development for teachers of Pre-DE courses
  • provide opportunities for teachers to make specific content choices
  • collect reflective feedback and student data for quarterly review of program materials

Pre-DE English III is part of a three-year course sequence, designed with scaffolded assignments in all areas of writing, grammar, and literature. 

Since this English III course is not a dual enrollment course, high school teachers are allowed to change the order and content of the assignments, quizzes, and tests. At the conclusion of the course, we will collect a portfolio of writings from each student. Students whose portfolios are judged acceptable by the Pre-DE English committee will earn a Certificate of College Readiness in English.

To participate in the pilot, teachers must be DE or Pre-DE certified by July 1, 2021, and must attend a synchronous virtual training workshop on July 15 from 9 AM-12 Noon and 1-4 PM.  At this workshop, teachers will have an opportunity to develop a greater understanding and knowledge of the course content and pedagogy.  They will also begin to form a professional network with other teachers who participate in the program.  There is no cost for the training or for student participation in the pilot. 

In future years, we intend to add the other two high school courses in the Pre-DE sequence: English II and English I.