September 6, 2017 



  • Summer Steib, Derek Rovaris, Christine Corcos, Mandi Lopez, Tammy Millican, Christine Cheng, Hala Esmail, Laurie Braden, Mimi Lee, Jordyn Warren

Not in Attendance

  • Ali Mullin, Brenton Sumler, Cynthia Peterson, Kenya Messer, Mari Fuentes-Martin, Jonathon Hyde, Angelina Boskovich

Approval of Previous Minutes

  • N/A

I. Introduction of new co-chairs

  • Mandi Lopez and Christine Corcos will serve as co-chairs for 2017/2018 

II. Introduction of new council members

  • Christine Cheng, Jordyn Warren, Ali Mullin, Jonathon Hyde, Mari Fuentes-Martin, Angelina Boskovich
  • We are still looking to fill 2 committee spots. Please send recommendations to Summer Steib (, Mandi Lopez (, or Christine Corcos ( Please consider diverse peoples including but not limited to LGBTQ+, men, international, departments on campus (not already represented), etc.

III. Introduction to UCGE

  • Summer gave a brief introduction to the organization and mission of UCGE

IV. Old business

1. UCGE Salary Survey

  1. Summer presented and discussed the salary survey that Emily Elliot and the subcommittee she headed worked on. The Council asks the Wage Gap subcommittee to continue working on the data, pulling some additional information and re-organizing it in preparation for its release to University administrators.
  • Consider presenting data for staff
  • Add distribution curves to data
  • Offer recommendations/ solutions for wage gaps (ex. Salary adjustments)
  • Look at wage gap vs. representation gap 

V. New business

 1. Panels

Closing the Gaps panels

  1. October 25 - Wellness: host at UREC; include financial, mental, physical, spiritual health; work/life balance; holistic wellness
  2. November 29: Gender Wage Gap at LSU 

2. Other proposals

  • The council is considering other panel proposals for the spring 

3. Projects

  • We discussed mentoring and suggested a subcommittee to take on the project

4. Collaborating with other LSU departments

  • The council is open to suggestions 

5. Subcommittees proposals

  1. Please Sign up for a subcommittee no later than Friday, September 29 via the following link:
  • Gender Wage Gap
  • Closing the Gaps
  • Mentoring/ professional development 


  • Next meeting will be held Tuesday, October 3 at 1:00pm, Women’s Center Multipurpose Room.