October 3, 2018



  • Summer Steib, Derek Rovaris, Christine Corcos, Mandi Lopez, Tammy Millican, Hala Esmail, Jordyn Warren, Mimi Lee, Ali Mullin, Brenton Sumler 

Not in Attendance

  •  Laurie Braden, Cynthia Peterson, Kenya Messer,  Angelina Boskovich, Joathan Hyde  

Approval of Previous Minutes


I. Old business

  • N/A

II. New business 

  • Review of subcommittees
    • Laurie will move to mentoring and Brent will move to the gender wage gap
  • Other proposals
    •  Leadership training, specifically for women at all stages of academic careers
  • Collaborating with other LSU departments 
    • Women is Science group - potential for collaboration/ interactions
      • Expand to women in academia and include women outside of teaching 
      • Will be taken on by mentoring subcommitee 
  • Panels planning 
    • October 25 - wellness: host at UREC; include financial, mental, physical, spiritual health, work/life balance; holistic wellness
    • November 29 - Gender Wage Gap at LSU 

III. Subcommittee break out session 

  •  Gender Wage Gap
    • Look at how men outnumber women in terms of position and rank
    • Look at faculty and staff 
  •  Closing the Gaps
    • Working toward holistic wellness 
    • Reach out to financial, health, mental and spiritual panel members
    • Catering: Zoe's Kitchen 
  •  Mentoring/ professional development
    • Review different mentoring programs on campus 


  • Next meeting will be held Wednesday, November 1 at 1:00pm, Women’s Center Multipurpose Room.