March 8, 2018



  • Summer Steib, Derek Rovaris, Christine Corcos, Mandi Lopez, Tammy Millican, Hala Esmail, Jordyn Warren

Not in Attendance

  • Ali Mullin, Brenton Sumler, Cynthia Peterson, Kenya Messer,  Angelina Boskovich, Christine, Cheng, Allison Smith, Mimi Lee, Andrew Bock, Laurie Braden, Mari Fuentes-Martin

 Approval of Previous Minutes



I. Old business

  • CTG #MeToo at LSU was debriefed
  • The morning time didn't produce as many attendees as the afternoon
  • Round tables were good for interaction among attendees


II. Subcommittee reports 

  •   Mentoring/ professional development
    • Woring on a whitepaper for the provost 
    • Reached out to faculty seante for input, but haven't heard much back
  •   Closing the Gaps
    • No CTG in March - possible collaboration with Academic Affairs 
    • Future topics: hostile work environments, discrimination, non-sexual forms of harrassment
  •   Gender Wage Gap
    • Working on gathering staff data and reviewing best practices for gatheing the data 


III. New business

  • A draft of the parental leave proposal was reviewed
    • It will need adjustments to be gender neutral and to cover adoptions too
    • A good starting point - needs to vetted more 
    • Document shredded 
  • Dr. Amstutz visit 
    • April 3 with Academic Affairs
    • Summer will reach out to Ryan to confirm event details 
  • Considering moving April UCGE meeting 



  • Next meeting will be held Tuesday, April 3 at 1:00pm, Women’s Center Multipurpose Room.