February 6, 2018



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Approval of Previous Minutes


I. Old business

  • Discussion of wage gap information
    • Christine did a great job with the wage gap data
    • Will look to Christine for next steps

II. Subcommittee updates

  •  Mentoring/ Professional development 
    • Looked at best practices for mentoring 
    • Same or opposite gender mentors
    • Mentor development recommendation in a white paper due May 2018 - faculty & staff section 
  • Closing the Gaps 
    • N/A
  • Gender Wage Gap 
    • Summer referred everyone to Emily who has been working on the data since the beginning 

III. New business

  • Issues to be addressed: parental leave, lactation policy, sick leave, annual leave 
  • Mimi discussed parental, sick, and annual leave with faculty senate 



Next meeting will be held Thursday, March 8 at 11:00am, Women’s Center Multipurpose Room.