About the OMA

The Office of Multicultural Affairs strives to create an environment for all students, particularly students of color and traditionally underrepresented groups, as scholars, learners, and change agents.  We advocate for equity throughout the university and provide resources and programming for academic excellence, leadership and social development.

We focus our work and services in these areas:

Educational Outreach and Academic Programming

Providing peer mentoring and evening tutoring for our LSU students to enhance their educational prowess and to support their intellectual curiosity through discussions.  We encourage and support research and scholarship related to social and racial justice. The OMA staff also provides consultation and resources to all academic and support units, and student organizations regarding challenges to cultural diversity especially in the areas of identity development, programming, and academic success.  We positively impact the recruitment, retention, and graduation of underrepresented students. 

Student Empowerment and Social Justice Leadership Development

Providing individual, group, and student organizations with advising and referrals to meet the personal and professional goals of a diverse student body. In addition, we encourage all students to be leaders in social justice and to engage the many cultures reflected on our campus and build their capacity to work across differences. Through student-led initiatives we prepare them to work collaboratively for positive transformation in the community and in the world.

Cultural Humility and Cross-Cultural Engagement 

Conducting trainings and workshops to facilitate the continual learning of complex notions of diversity and inclusion and to maintain an openness to learn about what is most important to someone else.  Providing consultation and resources to all academic and support units and student organizations regarding challenges to cultural diversity, especially in the areas of teaching, research, and service.  We provide a robust calendar of events and programs to encourage student engagement for all while developing capacity for compassion, respect and self-awareness.