About the Fellows Program

BMLI Mission Statement

The purpose of the LSU Black Male Leadership Initiative, or BMLI, Fellows Program is to help improve retention, graduation and participation rates for black male students through mentoring, leadership development and academic support, while connecting these students with faculty, staff and the campus community.


  • Develop and maintain strategies to help improve retention rates for Black males attending LSU using assessment tools and best practices.
  • Help Black male students become more active and invested in campus life.
  • Provide relevant programming designed to holistically develop Black male students.
  • Increase academic and professional networking opportunities for Black males within and beyond the university setting.
  • Increase campus awareness about academic and social issues affecting Black male student success at Predominately White Institutions, or PWIs.

Program Events

  • BMLI Brother-2-Brother Retreat
  • Educational and Career Development Workshops
  • Community Service Projects
  • Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference
  • BMLI Fellow Socials 
  • LSU Preview Day for Males of Color

Why Get Involved

The LSU BMLI Fellows Program is a great way for African American male students to connect with other African American male students through academic, leadership, citizenship and social programming. Participants will be able to connect with faculty, staff and the LSU campus community and will be able to translate the experiences gained in the LSU BMLI Fellows Program to other areas of their personal and interpersonal development.