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Doctor of Philosophy

Food and Bioprocessing Systems Concentration

Credit Hours Required Courses

The following courses or demonstration to the student’s Graduate Committee of proficiency in one or more of these courses from previous coursework and experience, are required, and must be included in the 35 hours required for the Food and Bioprocessing Concentration:

Students must have credit, or demonstrated competency*, in:

Credit Hours Required Courses
4, or
NFS 4060 (Food Chemistry)
3, or
NFS 4075 (Food Preservation)
4, or
NFS 4050 (Food Composition and Analysis)
4, or
NFS 4162 (Food Microbiology)
7 - 8
NFS 4005 (Food Engineering)
Technology Courses 4000/7000 level**
13 -12
Elective Hours

Depending on prior coursework and experience, additional courses will be required to satisfy the 54-hour requirement for the Ph.D. degree. Additional courses required for each student’s program of study will be determined by the Major Professor and the Graduate Committee. Courses would reflect the students’ professional interests and are generally taken from Biological Sciences, Experimental Statistics, or Engineering; however, they could also be taken from other departments, as appropriate to the student’s career goals.

*Competency can be demonstrated through the same procedures as for M.S. students in the Requirements for Master of Science in the Food Science Technology concentration section.

**The Major Professor or the student’s Graduate Advisory Committee will determine which technology courses will be acceptable to meet the requirement. The courses must be related to food and or bioprocessing applications in systems.

The examples of technology courses are:

  • ANSC 4094 - Meat Technology (4)
  • ANSC 4020 - Dairy Foods Technology: Frozen and Cultured Dairy Products (4)
  • CHEM 7010 - Macromolecular Systems III (3)
  • BE 4341 - Biological Reactor Systems Design (3)
  • BE 7350 - Advanced Instrumentation and Control for Biological Systems (3)
  • ISDS 7150 - Emerging Markets Supply Chain Management (3)

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