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Master of Science

Human Nutrition Concentration

Credit Hours Required Courses

The following courses (or demonstration to the student’s Graduate Committee of proficiency in one or more of these courses from previous coursework and experience) are required, and may be included in the 15 hours required for the Human Nutrition Concentration:

Credit Hours Required Courses
BIOL 4087 (Biochemistry)
NFS 7001 (Macronutrients)
NFS 7002 (Topics in Micronutrients)
2 - 4
1 NFS course*
4 - 2 Electives

Depending on prior coursework and experience (often obtained through an undergraduate degree in Food Science and Technology), additional courses may be required to satisfy the 24-hour course requirement* for the M.S. degree. Additional courses required for each student’s program of study will be determined by the Major Professor and the Graduate Committee.Courses would reflect the students’ professional interests and are generally taken from Agricultural Sciences, Biological Sciences, and Experimental Statistics; however, they could also be taken from Business or other disciplines related to the student’s course of study.

*NOTE: NFS Nutrition and Food Science courses include:

  • NFS 7004 - Molecular and Clinical Nutrition I (2)
  • NFS 7005 - Molecular and Clinical Nutrition II (2)
  • NFS 7011 - Current Advances in Food and Nutrition (1-4)
  • NFS 7012 - Food, Nutrition, and Health Promotion (3)
  • NFS 7021 - Weight Management Principles and Practices (3)

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