Registered Student Organization (RSO) Tailgating on the Parade Ground

    The LSU Parade Ground is the designated space for all student organizations to host tailgates involving alcohol unless those organizations have been given permission by Greek Life to host tailgates in their Greek Chapter house.

    At no cost to the student organizations, LSU Facility Services staff will design tailgating spots for organizations depending on the estimated number of your members and guests. At this time, we have two, size of spaces available:

    • a tailgate space for up to 60 persons (RSO members and guests) with approximate dimensions of 20' x 30' (600 square feet)
    • a tailgate space for up to 300 persons (RSO members and guests) with approximate dimensions of 65' x 70' (4,550 square feet) 

    More information about the process and items that are not permitted in student organization tailgating spaces on the Parade Ground are in the application forms listed below.

    To Apply

    1. Log in to TigerLink (
    2. Review the individual game day links below and complete the form.

    Home Games







    • LSU v. Rice - Saturday, Nov. 17

      Deadline to apply: Sunday, Nov. 4 at 11:59pm

    Important Notes

    Once the application deadline closes, Campus Life staff and/or Greek Life staff will verify eligibility for each organization.

    Once you have completed the information, be sure to proceed to the very last page where you can hit “Submit” form. The officer who works with the applications can see draft and submitted copies of this form in the “Submissions” folder. To find that folder: 1) you can click on your profile picture, expand the drop down menu, and click “Submissions”; or, 2) you can view your Tigerlink submissions. TigerLink saves information as you proceed through the Event Approval form.

    Make note of the dates when we will communicate back with groups about their application. More detailed information will be shared with organizations after the application period closes for each game.