Tiger Twelve

Tiger Twelve Class of 2018

Tiger Twelve Class of 2018 (L-R): Brandon Champagne, Bailey Broussard, Michael Denham, Stephanie Casnave, Tyler McMorris, Lina Bernaola, Daniel Anton, Tori Callais, Chloe Riviere, Madison Hopper, Megan Manno and Hira Hassan. For more information on each member of the Tiger Twelve Class of 2018, please see the media release.


In 1995, students, staff and faculty came together to craft a statement of position regarding our basic principles as an academic community. The LSU Commitment to Community states our expectations for each LSU community member.

To promote these principles, each spring, the Office of the Dean of Students recognizes 12 outstanding seniors who contribute positively to the life of the campus and surrounding community. These 12 individuals  are then recognized as the Tiger Twelve. In keeping with the LSU Commitment to Community, these students:

  • hold themselves to the highest standards of academic, personal, and social integrity
  • practice justice, equality, and compassion in human relations
  • respect the dignity of all persons and accept individual differences

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Tiger Twelve Class of 2019, a student must:

  • Demonstrate the principles of the LSU Commitment to Community through scholarship, actions, and contributions;
  • Have a cumulative gpa of at least 2.5;
  • Graduate in May, August or December of 2019;
  • Have current full-time status at LSU (unless graduating in May 2019); and
  • Be in good academic and accountability standing.


The Tiger Twelve nomination process will open on January 9 and close on January 25.


The Tiger Twelve application process will open on January 28 and close on February 8.


The Tiger Twelve Class of 2019 will be recognized in a reception held on Saturday, April 6 from 2:30-5:00 p.m. in the Rotunda of the LSU Business Education Complex.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please send an email to Michelle Lowery or call (225) 578-9442.

Past Recipients