LSU’s Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 Response

LSU faculty, staff, students and alumni are rallying against the COVID-19 pandemic, doing what they do best – using their talent, ingenuity, resiliency and fighting spirit to support the state and the nation. Together, we use every tool in our collective arsenal to work together for our campuses and for our communities.

Fighting on the Front Lines

pathologists in lab

1ST COVID Autopsy Series Reveals New Cardiopulmonary Findings

LSU Health New Orleans pathologists performed the first series of autopsies on African Americans who died from COVID-19 in New Orleans, and their findings provide new and critical information to guide patient management.

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LSU Health New Orleans

LSUHNO is undertaking similar efforts to increase ICU and testing capacity, and rising to meet the demand in a geographic area that has become one of the hotspots in the U.S. for the virus.

LSUHNO Coronavirus Information & Resources

LSU Health Shreveport 

LSUHS is now one of five sites in the world and the first in Louisiana involved in a clinical trial that assesses inhaled nitric oxide as a treatment for patients with mild to moderate cases of COVID-19.

LSUHS Coronavirus Updates & Information


LSU Health Shreveport establishes new Emergency Viral Threat Lab to test for COVID-19

The EVT Lab at LSUHS is the first in North Louisiana approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) to conduct and analyze tests to determine if an individual has COVID-19.

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Sharing Our Knowledge

LSU AgCenter

The LSU AgCenter 4-H program is offering virtual recess for elementary and middle school students as well as online educational resources, including factsheets, news articles and webinars, which are being updated daily.

LSU AgCenter


Harvey, left, and Henry Prejean, 4-H members in Allen Parish, admire chicks they’re raising.

Louisiana 4-H connects with youth in innovative ways

The LSU AgCenter Louisiana 4-H Youth and Development program has adapted its methods of service to fit into 4-H members’ current schoolhouses: their homes.

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Anna Long

Helping Kids Cope with COVID-19

LSU Psychology Professor offers guidance for parents and caregivers 

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GOHSEP and LSU Working Together

National Center for Biomedical Research and Training

LSU's NCBRT has helped GOHSEP secure significant PPE for distribution across the state, provided soap and sanitation supplies to regional law enforcement, trained the LSU Police Department in virus response, and supported other states in training around minimizing home contact for their law enforcement, fire and EMS personnel.

NCBRT COVID-19 Resources & Training

Pennington Biomedical Research Center

Pennington Biomedical is working closely with the Baton Rouge Health District to provide PPE, is converting clinical labs to support COVID-19 testing, is part of the surge bed plan, and is working with GOHSEP to provide PPE to the New Orleans area. Pennington is also preparing to launch a community engagement program to provide helpful information on meal preparation, eating habits and health-related daily activities, including exercise.

PBRC COVID-19 Resource Center

Leading Behind the Scenes

scientist testing sample

LSU Coronavirus Testing Lab Supports 18 Louisiana Medical Facilities

The LSU River Road Testing Lab, which was rapidly set up to help alleviate the burden of COVID-19 on Louisiana hospitals, processed over 3,800 tests.
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Research & Innovation

LSU brings the entirety of its knowledge and broad research capabilities to bear on COVID-19. 

Partnering to Find Solutions

LSU Scientists Discover Potential COVID-19 Treatment

LSU School of Veterinary Medicine Professor Dr. Gus Kousoulas leads a team part of the Louisiana Biomedical Research Network that found an HIV drug that may limit COVID-19 for those who are infected. The drug shows promise as a potential treatment for COVID-19.

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mobile decontamination unit

LSU Group Creates Mobile Decontamination Unit for Hospitals to Decontaminate Masks

Putting our research and innovation into practice to protect those on the front lines, LSU’s mobile decontamination unit, the SaniTiger, is now being tested by LSU Health Sciences Center physicians and staff. The unit enables them to reuse critical PPE like masks.

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Anthony Mai

LSU chemists help Louisiana prepare large batches of hand rub sanitizer

When the LSU Department of Chemistry received a call a few weeks ago from someone looking for experts to help prepare hand rub sanitizer, LSU chemistry Ph.D. student Anthony Mai agreed to help.

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LSU Scientists Researching Coronavirus Vaccines

LSU School of Veterinary Medicine (LSU SVM) researchers are performing significant research on coronaviruses with the goal of producing a vaccine for testing that could soon be used for prevention of human cases of the virus.

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LSU staff creating PPE

Protecting the Protectors

Within the PMAC, LSU employees worked with physicians in New Orleans and Shreveport to develop and produce critically necessary PPE. LSU manufactured:

  • 20,000 gowns
  • 10,000 face shields
  • 1,000 gallons of hand sanitizer

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Graph showing mapped anitiviral peptides

LSU DeepDrug Team Uses Artificial Intelligence to Discover New Treatments for Coronavirus

Although their work so far has focused mainly on antibiotics and antimicrobials, they are now working as quickly as they can to find new antivirals effective against coronavirus.

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Frontline Safety: LSU Group Creates Mobile Decontamination Unit for Hospitals to Decontaminate Masks

A group of LSU innovators worked together to develop a solution to a critical challenge facing health care providers in the COVID-19 crisis: how to increase the usability of their limited personal protective equipment, or PPE.

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Educating for the Future

Remote Learning

The university has made the conversion to remote teaching and learning. Find links to support services, online resources and webinars for the LSU community.

Information for Students

Information for Faculty & Staff


communications and covid virtual event artwork

Communications & COVID-19

As the world continues to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, accurate and timely communication on complex issues takes on a new meaning. Communications & COVID-19: A Virtual Event Series, will bring together community members, communications professionals and industry experts to discuss the challenges facing professionals and policymakers during these strange and uncertain times.

Models, Testing, and Antiviral Drugs: Essential Components for Returning to the Workplace

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The Relationship Between the Environment and the Coronavirus

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