LSU Lab Season

The primary goal of the Lab Season is the production and performance of engaging, meaningful, and successful theatre. We do this through synthesizing the theoretical, practical, and artistic skills taken from the classroom and other production work.  Students receive support and guidance from faculty mentors in order to execute best professional practices, including: application of the fundamentals of storytelling, creative use of available resources, and effective communication between collaborating artists. Through these productions, students will develop a strong foundation for future artistic and professional work, community engagement, and critical inquiry into shared social and cultural values.

The Lab Committee, along with the SOT administration, are dedicated to making each Lab Show a positive and engaging experience for all involved.  As with any show, clear and effective communication is the surest bet for successful production.  Please review the Lab Season Information Sheet and Guidelines (linked below) carefully, and note on your Application Form if the needs of your proposed show fall outside the immediate parameters of the Lab Show Guidelines.  The Lab Committee will arrange personal meetings with all applicants during the Spring Semester, and at that time we will discuss the particulars of each proposal, with an eye toward possibly accommodating the production requirements.

Important Links

Lab Season Information Sheet

Lab Season Guidelines



Proposals for the 2019-2020 Lab season must be submitted through the online form below and are due Friday, November 30, 2018.  Please note, interviews will be scheduled December 3-8, 2018.  We will work with all students to accommodate their personal exam schedules.

Please note: you should prepare your answers prior to starting the form as you will not be able to save incomplete applications to submit at a later date.