Policies, Procedures, and Best Practices

 Accessibility Compliance 

All of LSU's regular accessibility compliance rules are still in effect for continuity of instruction efforts. Please be mindful of the following items when constructing your new online content.

  • All videos or slideshows with voice-over work MUST be closed-captioned.
  • All PDFs or Microsoft Office files (Word, PowerPoint, etc.) must use proper layout (e.g. headings) and images must contain appropriate alt-text.

For more on accessibility, please refer to the materials and guidance on LSU's existing accessibility hub at the link below.

More Accessibility Information

 Rights and Licensing 

If at all possible, avoid the use of copyrighted and unlicensed materials, including recordings, in any archived or permanently saved format. If use of these materials for instruction is unavoidable, try to stream the content during a live format (e.g. Zoom meeting) that will not be archived.

 Simple Approaches 

From LSU Online:

We are recommending that faculty use the "lowest tech" option when transitioning to a temporary online delivery for courses. Considerations include internet bandwidth, the need for closed-captioning for videos, the ability to utilize instructional resources offline, the technical specifications of student computers, etc., all of which can present challenges. Our recommendations include:

  • Instead of recording a PowerPoint with voice over, post the PowerPoint and lecture notes as a file.
  • Instead of recording a face-to-face lecture, record mini-lectures. Better yet, link to existing videos, websites, and articles.
  • Instead of having a proctored, multiple-choice test, consider an assignment with a robust rubric.
  • Utilize the discussion forums on Moodle to engage with students

 Stay Engaged 

From LSU Online:

Distance instruction requires instructors to engage in what is known as Regular and Substantive Interaction (RSI). This means that faculty should reach out proactively to students about the academic content of the course on a regular basis (minimum of weekly).