Undergraduate FAQ


What do I do if the deadline has passed for dropping classes/adding classes/resigning/canceling registration?

You must meet with your advisor.

What do I do if I need to drop a class, but don’t have a “W” available?

You must meet with your advisor.

What do I do if I have failed a class twice?

You must meet with your advisor.

What do I do if I have a medical/personal issue affecting my academics?

You must meet with your advisor.


Cross-Enrollment/Distance Learning

How do I register for cross-enrollment courses?

You must meet with your advisor.

Can I cross-enroll in a course that I failed at LSU?

No.  Classes failed at LSU can only be re-taken within the LSU system.

What is MDA’s policy on taking courses through distance learning?

No more than 25% of a student’s degree can be completed through distance learning.  CMDA students are eligible to enroll in distance learning coursework at any time in a semester as long as he/she is not enrolling in the same semester as he/she plans to graduate.  Explore course options through distance learning.

How do I register for distance learning courses?

You may register according to the registration guidelines on the Distance Learning website. Registration forms have to be approved/signed by your advisor prior to enrollment.



Final Exams

How do I know when my finals are scheduled?

The final exam schedule is published each semester on the Office of the University Registrar’s website.

What do I do if I have 3 finals in a 24-hour period or 2 finals scheduled at the same time?

Students having 3 or more finals in a 24-hour period or 2 finals at the same time may request permission to reschedule an exam by the deadline published in the final exam schedule.  You must meet with your advisor in order to request a reschedule.



General Advising

Where is the College of Music & Dramatic Arts Office of Student Services?  What are the office hours?

The CMDA Office of Student Services is located in 102 School of Music Building. The undergraduate advisor for all Music and Theatre students is Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Allie Prest. Walk-ins are generally seen, however, as she is often away from the office for various administrative responsibilities, it is always a good idea to call the main office at 225-578-3261, prior to making a special trip to campus for advising.

Who is advised by the CMDA Office of Student Services?

We see any undergraduate LSU student already admitted to the College of Music & Dramatic Arts.  We also see any undergraduate LSU student interested in a degree program through the college, UCFY and UCAC students who are pre-MDA and potential undergraduate LSU transfer students and potential freshman interested in a degree program offered through the CMDA.

How do I obtain a degree audit?

You may obtain a degree audit through your MyLSU account.

How do I request an official transcript?

You may request an official transcript through your MyLSU account or in person in 112 Thomas Boyd. (You must provide a valid picture ID)

How do I obtain the Dean’s approval?

Dean’s approval is required for multiple situations as an undergraduate student (i.e., enrollment in a distance learning course, completion of a credit exam, resignation from the University, etc.)  Students enrolled in the College of Music & Dramatic Arts should see their advisor to obtain the dean’s approval. Students pursuing degree programs offered through CMDA, but are enrolled in UCFY or UCAC should see a counselor in their respective college.




How do I declare or change my graduation date?

You may declare/change your graduation date through your MyLSU account through your junior year.  After your junior year, you must meet with your advisor to declare/change your graduation date.

When do I need to complete graduation paperwork?

You must complete graduation check-out the semester prior to the semester in which you are scheduled to graduate.  Students with declared graduation dates will be notified via e-mail in the semester prior to their scheduled graduation of procedures and deadlines for graduation check-out.

Where can I find information about Commencement and the CMDA Diploma Ceremony?

Information about the University Commencement and the CMDA Diploma Ceremony can be found on the LSU Commencement homepage.  All undergraduate and graduate students on the graduate list for the College of Music & Dramatic Arts will receive specific CMDA Diploma Ceremony information via e-mail during the semester they are scheduled to graduate.

How do I graduate with honors?

The baccalaureate degree is awarded summa cum laude to any student whose grade point average is at least 3.895, magna cum laude if the grade point average is at least 3.795, and cum laude if the grade point average is at least 3.695.  Students awarded the baccalaureate degree with honors must also have satisfied all additional requirements imposed by their colleges, schools, or departments.  Two grade point averages will be computed for each student:  (1) on all work completed and (2) on all work completed at LSU (all System campuses).  The lower of the averages will be used to determine eligibility for honors.




What do I do if I’m not an LSU student but I want to be in this college?

All the information needed to become a student in the CMDA / School of Music is located in the undergraduate admissions section on this website.

What do I do if I’m an LSU student, but not a CMDA major, and want to change to a major in this college?

Students wishing to change to a major in a new senior college must do so after final grades have posted for the current semester and before the last day to add courses in the next semester in which they are enrolled.  You must have a 2.0 LSU, Overall, and previous semester GPA to enter the CMDA. To become a music major, you must complete an audition and be accepted to a studio. View audition info for music. You should contact Allie Prest for additional information/to request a change of major.

How do I declare/drop a minor?

You must meet with your advisor to declare or drop minors.




When does my scheduling priority begin?

Scheduling priorities are determined by the Office of the University Registrar.  They are published in the schedule booklet each semester prior to the beginning of course scheduling.

When is the last day to add/drop with or without a “W” or to resign from the University?

You should consult the Academic Calendar published on the Office of the University Registrar’s website to determine the deadlines for the current semester.

When are my fees due?

You will receive an e-mail via your MyLSU e-mail when fee bills are published.  To obtain your balance through your MyLSU account, select “fee bill” under registration services.  The due date will be printed at the bottom of your fee bill.  Failure to pay the balance on your fee bill in full by the date listed will result in your classes being purged.

What do I do if I have a flag/hold and can’t schedule?

You must meet with your advisor. Flags can be placed if you have not yet earned 24 hours, a graduation date has not been declared, if you are re-entering the University after a semester away, if you are a first semester transfer student, if you have not completed graduation check-out, if you are on scholastic warning or probation, or if you are not meeting minimal academic progress according to CATS tracking requirements.

How do I join a waitlist if a class is full?

You may join a waitlist to wait for a seat to open in a full section of a class.  This does not guarantee you a seat in the class, but it does let you hold a spot in the line should a seat become available.  You will use the schedule request link in your MyLSU account to join a waitlist.  You will automatically be moved off of the waitlist and into the class should a spot become available.

How many “W”‘s do I have available?

The number of “W”‘s available to you for use depend on the number of hours you have earned.  You should look under registration services on your MyLSU account to see your “W” grade status.

What do I do if my classes were purged/dropped?

If you were purged before the last day to add, you may re-add your courses through your MyLSU account.  If your courses were purged after the last day to add, you must meet with your advisor as soon as possible.

What do I do if I need to drop all of my classes/resign for the semester?

You must meet with your advisor prior to the last day to drop/resign for the semester.



Transfer Students/Courses

How do I know what classes from another University will transfer to LSU?

Music course placement for majors is based on LSU Music placement exams and faculty discretion; no music courses automatically transfer to LSU courses. Theatre coursework will be evaluated by members of the theatre faculty.

How do I schedule classes at LSU?

Once you have been accepted to LSU (and successfully auditioned for Music majors) you may schedule a meeting with your advisor to have holds lifted and plan a schedule.

What classes can I take here that will transfer to another university?

You must consult with the other university.

I’m a current MDA Undergrad, but I want to take a course somewhere else over the summer – how do I do that?

Meet with your advisor to discuss your options.

Once approved by your advisor, you will bring the catalog from the other University and have the course evaluated by the department to confirm equivalency.

All transfer credit is subject to approval by the Office of Admission.

Upon completion of the course, request to have an official transcript sent to LSU admissions.