Graduate FAQ

What if I miss the orientation and diagnostic examinations?

Students who do not attend the orientation miss vital information and are more likely to encounter problems and confusion with registration. Students who do not attend orientation may also experience delays in receiving their scholarship or assistantship checks. 

Students who miss the diagnostic tests may be required to enroll in the remediation sequence.

How/When do I register?

Graduate students will register after arriving on campus. All information necessary for registration will be supplied during the orientation period. It is best not to try to register before the orientation period. Each student will be assigned a primary adviser. In many cases this will by the student’s applied teacher (performance) or the area coordinator for those students in music education, theory, or history. 

Students who register before orientation may encounter problems with the proper crediting of scholarships and assistantships since the necessary paperwork for tuition and fees will not have been completed and/or submitted properly.

What if I fail the diagnostic examinations?

Students who do not pass their diagnostic examinations will be required to take remedial courses. All incoming graduate students are strongly encouraged to review for the test. Many students believe they could have passed the tests, if only they had spent some time reviewing the material.

Will I have an office?

Limited office space is available, but there simply is not sufficient space for all graduate assistants to have an office. Every effort is made to supply space for teaching assistants, who will receive information on office availability at orientation. Offices are not available before orientation.

Is there anything I need to do before orientation?

Incoming students are encouraged use the time prior to orientation to settle in to their new environments, to explore the city and campus, and to prepare themselves for a busy and challenging semester. Several of the bookstores on and around campus carry University catalogs, Graduate Bulletins, and Schedule of Classes Booklets. 

The International Services Office will provide and plan activities, including some required tests, for incoming international students.

Parking permits and student identification cards will be obtained upon registration, and may not be claimed earlier. E-mail access can be obtained during the registration period.

Additional TIps

  • Stay calm. Stay organized. Stay on schedule.
  • Prepare for Louisiana’s climate, which is hot and humid in the summer. Those new to such an environment should dress lightly, drink plenty of water, and move slowly when outside.
  • Allow more time than you expect for everything. Expect to wait in lines, expect a few problems, then rejoice if there are none.