Media Lab

The Media Lab serves faculty, students, and staff from the LSU School of Music. The three primary functions of the Media Lab are:

  1. Providing a computer lab space for the School of Music.
  2. Checking out audio/visual equipment.
  3. Teaching workshops on recording audition videos.

The Media Lab is open about 20 hours per week during the fall and spring semester. Please see the schedule posted on the door of M&DA 244 for the weekly schedule.

For questions, please contact

Computer Lab Space

During Media Lab open hours, four iMacs (2018) are available for using software such as the following:

  • Finale 2018
  • Studio One 4 Digital Audio Workstation
  • REAPER Digital Audio Workstation
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Native Instruments Komplete Instrument Pack
  • Microsoft Office products: Excel, Word,PowerPoint and OneNote

Media Lab staff also provide advice on how to use these software packages.

Audio/Visual Equipment Checkout

By showing your student or employee ID and verifying that you are in the School of Music, you can checkout the following equipment items for up to one week (usually) if they are available. You are responsible for returning it in the same condition as when you received it!

Video Cameras

  • Canon Vixia GF H40 Cameras (limit one per person, not available February-April due to MUS 2700)
  • GoPro Hero 4’s
  • GoPro Hero 1’s
  • Zoom Q2N
  • Tripods for video cameras
  • Miniature tripods for iPhones/other smartphones

Audio Recorders

  • Tascam DR-40 Sound Recorders
  • Tascam DR-08 Portable Sound Recorder


  • Sennheiser Headphones
  • Behringer HPS5000 Headphones


  • Shure SM58 Microphone
  • Røde VideoMic
  • AKG C519M Instrument Microphones
  • Audio Technica AT 2050 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
  • Røde M5 Condenser Microphones
  • Shore Line6 Mini Mobilizer
  • SVSI Digital AV Transmitter
  • Presonus Audiobox iTwo
  • Microphone stands (and thread-size adapters to European-size microphone stands)
  • Samsung Go Mic USB Microphone

Live Accessories

  • Sennheiser EW 100 G3 Wireless Transmitter/Receiver
  • voLANte VMT105 Digital AV Transmitter/Receiver

Studio Accessories

  • Green sheet for using as green screen
  • Akai Professional LPK 25 MIDI keyboards
  • Line 6 Mobile Keys 25 MIDI keyboard
  • Axiom 61 Midi workstation
  • 25-lb Sand bags
  • Microphone stands
  • Panasonic DMR-ES40V VHS-to-DVD converter


  • Panel lights:
    • Dracast LED1000 Pro Bi-Color LED with Tripods
    • LitePanel DFlood (floor-standing)
    • Dracast LED2000 Kala Bi-Color LED (in MDA 248)
  • Clamp Lights
  • ikan Micro Spot On-Camera Lights

Projectors & Accessories

  • InFocus LP340B projector (HDMI input)
  • Panasonic PT-LX271 projector (VGA input)
  • Assorted audio and video cables (mostly old ones)

Workshops on Video-Recording Auditions and Concerts

From time to time, the Media Lab staff will teach workshops on video-recording auditions and concerts using the Media Lab equipment. These workshops are geared more toward graduate students since undergraduate students are learning these skills already in MUS 2700. Usually one of these workshops is taught at the beginning of winter break so that graduate students can work on recording audition videos over the winter break.