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Academic Forms and Evaluations

Please note that some evaluations, such as the barrier assessment, will ask for you to enter your myLSU credentials before proceeding. If you already signed in recently, e.g. to Moodle, this step happens automatically.


NOTE: all Operations forms or links will open in new windows or tabs.

Use this form to make simple reservations of a room for occurrences such as rehearsals, lectures, meetings, or self-recording sessions. Rooms must be reserved to be used.

Do NOT use this form to make reservations for official School of Music events, such as faculty recitals, guest artist performances, or ensemble concerts. For those types of events, please use the Event Request Form, located further down this page.

Room Reservation Request Form

Request repairs, tuning, and other piano-related services.

Piano Services Request Form

Students, faculty, and staff within the College of Music & Dramatic Arts may request card-based access to the Music & Dramatic Arts Building, School of Music, and/or Tiger Band Hall. Access requests will be approved on a case-by-case basis by the appropriate CMDA staff member(s).

Building Access Request Form

Report any maintenance issues, such as leaks, burned-out lighting, or climate control problems.

For an emergency situation such as flooding, please call (225) 578-2327 instead of submitting this form.

Facility Services Request Form

Report problems or request services related to property and equipment (e.g., instruments, tools), such as moving or surplussing an asset, off campus storage, etc.

Property Services Form

All requests for keys must be made using the form below. University policy requires that all permanently-issued keys must be issued by the LSU Office of Facility Services. For needs lasting only a short period of time (i.e., not longer than a week), keys may be issued locally and will be reviewed and approved on an individual basis.

Key Request Form

Events Planning and Marketing

 Note: due to the additional logistics and health concerns surrounding COVID-19, the event request process has been condensed to a single form. ALL events must go through Event Request Form individually, even if already scheduled in a prior planning session. 

Secure a date with production office and submit event details using the Event Request Form. This form is used to gather basic information needed for reserving the venue and securing a date on the events calendar. Please note that for event requests, a separate Room Request Form is NOT needed. The Event Request Form already includes the information needed for reserving a room or venue.

Important Considerations

  1. If the event is not on the calendar, and marketing information is not submitted by the semester deadline, it may not receive marketing support.
  2. In order to create, format, proof, and print the programs, we need to receive the program information no later than 7 business days prior to the event. Not having the program finalized by this deadline may mean that your program will not be posted for early viewing.

Dates and deadlines for Fall 2021 / Spring 2022 planning are not yet determined.


**The event publicity budget for the following semester is determined according to the events submitted by this date.  Events not on the calendar at this point, or events that do not have marketing information submitted are not guaranteed marketing support for the following semester.

***Please note that deadlines can be subject to change, based on a variety of factors.

Due to limited resources, the programs office cannot be responsible for creating programs for master classes or performance-based workshops. However, we recognize there is a desire to have programs available for these types of events. Therefore, a template has been created to allow faculty to create a brand-compliant program for a master class. We have also provided a completed example to assist faculty members as they work with this template.

Once the program is completed by the faculty member, it may be emailed to musicprograms@lsu.edu for printing. All burden of proofing rests with the faculty member! Make sure you have spell checked your program exhaustively before sending. The programs office will only print once and only up to 100 copies.

View Example Program

Download Microsoft Word Template

This template has been made accessibility-compliant.


NOTE: all Technology forms or links will open in new windows or tabs.

Here are some steps to take before contacting tech support:

  1. Make sure the device(s) is/are plugged in and connected securely.
  2. Run fewer software applications at the same time. Try closing down applications that are not being actively used.
  3. Restart the device. Turning the device off and back on refreshes the computer's systems and often fixes many one-time glitches.
  4. Free up hard disk space. Uninstall unnecessary programs and move archive files that are not regularly used to an external storage location.
  5. Verify that your operating system and applications are up to date.

If you have tried these steps without resolving the issue, it is time to contact your departmental IT support staff.

LSU’s Department of Information Technology hosts a database of how-to instructions for fixing many computer problems. This database is known as GROK.

Access GROK Database

Provide information about your department-issued computer(s) for the CMDA Computer Database. This information will be used to inform our college's upgrade cycle.

Computer Registration Form

Learn more about the upgrade cycle here:

Computer Cycle Information

If you have attempted the troubleshooting first steps above and are still unable to resolve your technology problem, your next step will be to contact one of the following, depending on the type of issue.

  • Faculty Technology Center (FTC)
  • University Systems
    Contact the LSU ITS Service Desk
    • Examples of university systems include LSU Mail, Moodle, Workday, Mainframe, Microsoft Teams, and Faculty 365.
    • Email servicedesk@lsu.edu
    • Phone: (225) 578-3375

  • Departmental Systems
    Contact Departmental Technical Service Provider (TSP)
  • Departmental Hardware
    Contact Departmental Technical Service Provider (TSP)


Phishing is when malicious actors pose as a legitimate person or enterprise, for the purpose of stealing private information including (but not limited to) usernames and passwords, Social Security Numbers (SSN), and banking information.

Learn more about phishing at this link.

Report any phishing attempts or other IT security concerns to security@lsu.edu.

To have access to the LSU network, all devices must be authenticated. The method is different for devices using a physical (hardwire) connection versus a wireless (eduroam) connection.

Wired Device Instructions  

Wireless Device Instructions

If supplies are low or out, contact the departmental office manager for your area:

If you need drivers installed to print, please submit a Technology Service Request Form.

If there is a physical malfunction or maintenance is needed, contact Copier Management.

Training is available for how to use our new copiers:

Copier Training Video

LSU provides Microsoft Office and several other common software programs for the use of faculty, staff and students using a delivery system called Tigerware.

Microsoft Office Download Instructions

  Access Tigerware

New computer hardware and software / subscription purchases may be requested, and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Computer Hardware Request Form

Software Purchase Request Form

Request minor updates or report errors regarding the CMDA, School of Music, School of Theatre, and Department of Bands websites.

Website Update Form

There are a few options for checking out audio and/or video equipment to CMDA faculty, staff, and students. 

Download a PDF 'cheat sheet' with all of these links here.