Music Forum

The Music Forum lecture series promotes scholarship, pedagogy, and professional development workshops in music theory, musicology, music education, and performance graduate programs. Since its conception in Spring 2010, the Music Forum has had over a hundred events, among which have included invited guest lectures by Joseph N. Straus, William Rothstein, Simon Morrison, J. Peter Burkholder, and Julian Hook.

Upcoming Events

More information regarding the next Music Forum lectures will be posted as they are scheduled.


Below is an archive of past Music Forum lectures, seminars and workshops.

Spring 2016

  • Friday, January 22 – Dr. Tim Love, Workshop on Grant Writing and Dissertating
  • Friday, January 29 – AMS-­‐South paper previews:
    • Dr. Andreas Giger - “Leoncavallo’s ‘Appunti’ and the History of Pagliacci”
    • Michael Palmese - “John Adams and the Avant-­‐Garde, 1971–72”
  • Friday, February 5 – Guest scholar: Dr. Alice Clark (Loyola University), “Machaut’s Motets on Secular Songs”
  • Friday, March 11 – Guest scholar: Dr. Matthew Brown (Eastman School of Music), “Debussy and Contrapuntal Tradition”
  • Friday, April 1 – Dr. Alison McFarland, “Gustav Holst, Empire and War”
  • Friday, April 15 – Dr. Edgar Berahl, “Approaches for Electroacoustic Music Composition using Physical Models”
  • Friday, April 20– Guest Speaker: Jason Freeman (Georgia Tech), “Composer, Performer, Listener”


Spring 2015

  • February 5-6 – Guest speaker: Dr. Michael Buchler (Florida State University)
  • Wednesday, February 5 - “Ornamentation in Atonal Music” (10:30-11:50, M&DA 221)*
  • Thursday, February 6 - Music Forum lecture—“What Goes Up”
  • Friday, February 13 – Dr. Edgar Berdahl, “Designing New Musical Instruments”
  • February 27 – Paper previews:
    • Michael Palmese, “John Adams’s Absolute Jest”
    • Zachary Hazelwood, “Film Music Energetics: Towards a Taxonomy of Film Music Analysis”
  • Friday, March 6 – Dr. Dan Shanahan, “A Corpus-Based Approach to Bebop’s Improvisatory  Schemata”
  • Friday, March 20 – Dr. Alison McFarland, “Gustav Holst, Empire, and War”
  • April 16-17 – Guest speaker: Dr. David Patterson (independent scholar, Chicago)
  • Thursday, April 16 - “Cage’s Legacy” (1:30-4:20, M&DA 273)*
  • Friday, April 17 - Music Forum lecture—TBA
  • Friday, April 24 – Dr. Robert Peck, “All-Interval Chords and Projective Planes”


Fall 2014

  • Friday, October 10 –  CV Workshop with Dr. Bazayev and Dr. Shanahan
  • Thursday, October 16 – Guest lecture: Dr. Robert Hatten (University of Texas, Austin)
  • 3:00 p.m. – Seminar: Analysis & Performance
  • Music Forum lecture: “Toward Virtual Human Agency in Tonal Instrumental Music”
  • Friday, November 7 – Interview Workshop with Dr. Howe and Dr. Pike
  • Monday, November 17 –  Guest lecture: Dr. Howard Pollack (University of Texas, Houston)
  • Music Forum lecture: “The Cradle Will Rock: A Production History”
  • Seminar: American Music (Tuesday)