The LSU Human Resource (HR) and Industrial/Organizational (IO) Consultancy is an applied research center that works to improve organizational performance and employee well-being. Services include employee morale and climate surveys, job analysis, personnel selection, retention and turnover assessment, and statistical consultation. The LSU HRIO is staffed by graduate students and faculty.

LSU HRIO Consultancy

The LSU Human Resource - Industrial/Organizational (HRIO) Consultancy is an applied research office that works to improve organizational performance and employee well-being. We develop cost effective solutions for our organizational clients while engaging in 'hands-on" supervised educational opportunities for upper-level masters and doctoral students specializing in human resource education and industrial and organizational psychology. We work with organizations of various sizes across a wide range of industries in both the public and private sectors. The HRIO Consultancy is staffed by graduate students and faculty from the Louisiana State University (LSU) School of Leadership and Human Resource Development. To optimally serve our clients, faculty and students from the LSU community at-large may be included on project teams when specialized expertise is required.

Executive Personnel

Tracey Rizzuto

Mary Ethel Baxter Lipscomb Memorial Endowed Professor of Human Resource, Leadership, and Organization Development
HRIO Co-Director     
Interim Director, School of Leadership and Human Resource Education
Ph.D. - Pennsylvania State University, 2004, Industrial/Organizational Psychology      

My primary research program focuses on the development of human capital and organizational capacity through technology-mediated processes with the goal of increasing access to knowledge, expertise, and resources needed to manage change in the modern workplace. I use qualitative analysis and quantitative multilevel and network modeling to describe person-environment attitudes, behaviors, and interactions between the two. My research and practice has been conducted in a variety of organizational settings that range from governmental integrated enterprise systems and healthcare information technology, to educational technologies used to support postsecondary coursework. My secondary research interests are in workforce aging issues and in understanding change reactions to workplace disasters. I have organized and promoted pro bono workplace disaster recovery services through the Katrina Aid and Relief Effort (KARE) and the Disaster Research Team (DRT), interdivisional committees of the American Psychological Association, and am a research affiliate of the LSU Stephenson Disaster Management Institute. I have served as PI and CoPI of over $7 million in grants from state and federal sources, including the National Science Foundation, the Department of Interior, and the Department Justice, and have published my research in journals across multiple disciplines, including psychology, management, information systems, sociology, and education.

Reid Bates 

HRIO Co-Director
Professor Emeritus, School of Leadership and Human Resource Development
Ph.D. - Louisiana State University, 1997, Human Resource and Organization Development 

My major areas of scholarly interest are training effectiveness, learning transfer, competency modeling, and workforce development, areas in which he has been an active researcher and practitioner for nearly 20 years.  I have published over 150 manuscripts including peer reviewed journals articles, book chapters, conference proceedings, and technical reports.  I am co-developer of the Learning Transfer Systems Inventory (LTSI) and am a recognized expert in training effectiveness evaluation and learning transfer improvement.  I am an active human resource development practitioner and I have provided leadership and technical expertise to Louisiana State Government and other private and public sector organizations in the US and internationally on strategic planning for human resource capacity building, the assessment of training and performance improvement needs, job analyses, the development of competency models, team skills analyses, curriculum development, test validation, and the design and implementation of education and training programs.  I am currently active in the field of human resources for health and am working with national and regional governments and institutions to develop and strengthen human resource systems in healthcare systems.

Project Types Offered by the HRIO Consultancy

The HRIO Consultancy can assist clients in a variety of areas, including employee attitude/climate surveys, job analysis, organizational network analysis, personnel selection, employee well-being assessment, retention/turnover, and statistical consultation.

Employee Attitude Surveys

Employee attitude surveys are often conducted to provide insight into employee motivation, performance, and overall satisfaction. The HRIO can work with your organization to not only design and conduct an employee attitude survey, but also help to develop action oriented recommendations based on the feedback received from employees.

Job Analysis 

Job Analysis is a process to identify and determine in detail the particular job duties and requirements and the relative importance of these duties for a given job. The HRIO can work with your organization to conduct a thorough job analysis which in turn can serve as a foundation for a variety of HR functions including training, selection, compensation, and performance appraisal.

Competency Modeling

Competency modeling is a process of identifying competency areas in terms of required knowledge, skill, attitudes or other attributes needed for effective performance. The HRIO can work with your organization to refine existing competency models or develop new competency models.  Competency models can serve as the foundation for a variety of HR functions including training, selection, and performance management.

Organizational Network Analysis

Organizational Network Analysis is a method of visualizing relationship among people in an organization. It helps organization understand how to strengthen information flows, advice/mentoring networks, as well as distribution of other valuable resources in order to enhance resource efficiency and group cohesiveness. The HRIO can analyze influential networks within your organization in order to improve knowledge sharing and support structures.

Personnel Selection

The process of recruiting and selecting new employees is critical to the success of any organization. The HRIO can work with your organization to evaluate your current selection program, develop a new system, or help to develop and validate new selection tools.

Training Effectiveness

The HRIO can improve the effectiveness of training in your organization by assessing training, analyzing the work environment to identify barriers to the application of new learning, and by evaluating training outcomes using state-of-the-art assessment tools. These kinds of analyses will allow your organization to realize a greater performance impact from training efforts.  


Estimates place costs associated with replacing an employee at between 30% and 150% of that employee’s annual salary, depending on the complexity of the individual’s job.  Organizations must successful manage retention/turnover issues in order to remain competitive.  The HRIO can work with your organization to help diagnosis potential causes of organizational turnover, and develop solutions to reduce these causes.

Statistical Consultation

Our faculty and graduate students have extensive experience conducting statistical analyses in applied contexts. The HRIO can work with your organization to help answer questions of interest using statistical methods based on existing data sources or by help to collect the requisite data need to answer the question of interest.




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Tracey Rizzuto, Ph.D.
Interim Director | Professor
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