Bachelor of Science
Learning Experience and Instructional Design

What is LXID?

Top performing organizations in Louisiana and across the United States recognize 1) that people are their most important asset and 2) the need to provide their people with the right skills and competencies. For example, a 2013 survey by IMB (IMB C-Suite Survey) that interviewed 4,183 leaders from 70 countries found that 71% of CEO's believe human capital ahead of products, customer relations, and brands is the leading source of sustained, competitive advantage; and they believe employee skills is one of the top four factors that will substantially impact their organization in the next 3-4 years. The same IMB survey noted that 84% of employees in the best performing organizations receive the job-related training they need whereas only 16% of employees in the worst performing companies did. 

These factors are indicative of a worldwide trend; Today, more than ever, economically successful organizations need to find ways to maximize their human capital by providing the right skills to the right people in the right place at the right time. Web-based / e-learning is increasingly seen as the go-to solution. 

The Learning Experience and Instructional Design (LXID) program encompasses the development and application of web-based and e-learning technologies, instructional design theories and systems, learning experience design principles, and leadership, team, and change management skills. 

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Understand and apply best training and development practices to solve workplace performance problems. 
  • Apply learning sciences and theories to design and implement transformative online and hybrid learning experiences and optimize the online learning environment in workplace settings.
  • Utilize cutting-edge content formats and learning models to create learning solutions to foster high levels of learner engagement and development utilizing microlearning, peer-generated learning, webinars, interactive modules, quick reference guides, job-aids, videos, online courses, and other strategies that meet the needs of diverse learners. 
  • Consult and partner with subject-matter experts, talent management and human resource professionals, management and others to understand, identify and prioritize learning needs in the workplace. 
  • Identify and apply learning analytics to monitor, assess, and demonstrate learning value and impact over time. 
  • Select, evaluate, and design media and technologies to support learning online. 
  • Initiate, lead, and manage learning experience design projects. 

Highlights of the Program

The BS/LXID is an integrated curriculum designed to build e-learning instructional design and leadership capacity in undergraduate students. Beyond the general education requirements, the LXID program requires 66 hours of professional development core courses, which include:

  • Addressing principles of LXID
  • Learning technologies in the workplace
  • E-learning experience design
  • Learning analytics
  • Design thinking
  • Creating change through e-learning
  • Basic and advance leadership theories and concepts
  • Analysis of performance improvement needs
  • Management of talent development
  • Use of communications
  • Influence and persuasion in leadership contexts
  • Team leadership and project management

Career Opportunities

  • Training and Development Specialist
    (which includes job titles of computer training specialist, corporate trainer, e-learning developer, job training specialist, management/supervisory training specialist, technical trainer, and training specialist)
    • Median annual salary - $60,870
  • Distance Learning Coordinator 
    (which includes job titles of chief learning officer, coordinator of online programs, director of distance learning, distance learning coordinator, distance learning technician, distance learning unit leader, online facilitator, program facilitator for distance learning)
    • Median annual salary: $82,850


The LXID program is offered as a traditional on-campus experience, at LSU - Baton Rouge, and through LSU Online & Continuing Education. Both versions offered are taught by our award winning faculty in the School of Leadership & Human Resource Development or experts in the Learning Experience and Instructional design field. Apply today to begin working towards your exciting career in Learning Experience and Instructional Design.



Program Advising

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Phone: 225-578-2331

Program Coordinator

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Edward Gibbons, Ph.D.
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