Master of Science
Leadership & Human Resource Development
with a concentration in Workforce Development

Learn to Plan for Macro Labor Force Changes

The Master of Science in LHRD with a concentration in Workforce Development provides the same fundamental knowledge and skills for understanding human resource development challenges, training and development needs, and change management approaches offered in the MS LHRD degree program, but supplements this knowledge with expertise in identifying, analyzing, and planning for broader workforce development trends that affect employee-employer dynamics in the workplace.

LSU’s Master in Leadership & Human Resource Development with Workforce Development concentration, available on campus or online, approaches workforce development as a holistic human resource strategy whose purpose is to develop people to meet the needs of for-profit, not-for-profit, and governmental organizations in Louisiana and the region.

"An example of how macro-level influences shape micro-level workplace dynamics can be seen in what current businesses are experiencing in relation to the "great resignation." Repercussions of pay structures (particularly among the traditionally low wage-earning class of essential workers) combined with the complicated post-covid demands for increased workflex arrangements has placed strain on workers, and in some organizations has led to higher rates of turnover. These are broad workforce trends that have a glaring effect on how business staff and train (and hope to retain) workers in organizations. The MS LHRD w/ WFD concentration not only trains professionals to assess and manage the personnel needs within their workplaces, but to also identify, analyze, and plan for how patterns like the "great resignation" will shape the business dynamics of their organizations' workforces in the future." - Tracey Rizzuto, Ph.D. - Interim Director, SLHRD

Why choose this program?

Graduates will develop the skills necessary to approach workforce development strategically, analyze skill and competency needs in the workforce, and implement workforce development processes that enable organizations to develop employees in ways that meet the current and future challenges associated with global competition, talent development, changing technology, and other pressures.

The MS LHRD with a Workforce Development concentration diversifies the career potential of the LHRD professional by preparing them to forecast and plan for macro labor force changes that may eventually shape and influence individual organizational environments.

Our MS degree is designed for:

  • Human resource, organization development, training and development, and performance improvement professionals who increasingly deal with internal change initiatives
  • Organizational leaders, including government and non-profit professionals, who want to be more effective at supporting change in their organizations
  • HR professionals transitioning to new roles, who want to advance, or move into the exciting field of organization change and development
  • Consultants looking to expand their skills and credentials
  • Individuals interested in building the knowledge and skills to enable them to move into consulting

What makes our program different?

LSU’s Master of Science in Leadership & Human Resource Development and the concentration in Workforce Development prepares students to improve effectiveness at a range of professional organizations. Graduates often excel in senior HR leadership and consulting roles. The programs enable students to feel confident in their ability to identify and analyze workplace conflicts and develop solutions, help organizations achieve their business and leadership goals, and use evidence-based practice to help companies make lasting, organizational changes. Additionally, online classes and a curriculum that can be completed in 12 months provide invaluable flexibility to working professionals.

Career Opportunities

  • Compensation and Benefits Manager
  • Labor Relations Specialist
  • Employee Recruitment and Staffing Specialist
  • Training and Development Specialist
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Leadership Development Consultant
  • Learning & Development Specialist

Program Offerings

We offer two routes to the MS: A 100% Online MS program and an On-Campus MS program. Both share our 36 hour (12 courses) cutting-edge curriculum. The Online MS program is designed for individuals who want a high quality degree from a leading U.S. university but also need the flexibility of an online format. The online courses are offered year-round in 7-week modules (Fall and Spring) and 5-week module for Summer, making it possible for students to complete the MS in one year with courses taken Spring, Summer, and Fall.

The On-Campus MS program integrates the teaching and learning advantages of one-to-one, direct student-professor interaction with the efficiencies and flexibility of web-based learning. Courses integrate web-based learning activities with face-to-face coursework in ways that pedagogically compliment, reinforce, and elaborate on one another while maintaining a high level of in-person and individual interaction between student and professor. This program follows the more traditional university format of 15-week semesters with courses typically meeting one night per week.

Both the online and on-campus programs are open to students with undergraduate degrees in any field. We also offer rolling admissions so students can enter either program at any time of the year.



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