Scholarships for Current Students

The College of Human Sciences & Education annually awards various scholarships and fellowships to its undergraduate and graduate students and to students pursuing secondary education concentrations in the College of Humanities & Social Sciences and the College of Science.  Scholarship availability, amount and eligibility requirements vary according to donor wishes.

Students interested in other undergraduate and graduate scholarships or fellowships should contact the individual schools (School of Education, School of Leadership & Human Resource Development, School of Kinesiology, School of Library & Information Science, and School of Social Work).

The Scholarship Application Process

  • At the beginning of the spring semester, all currently enrolled students in the college will receive an email asking to complete a scholarship application.
  • Students will need to include an education plan and goals statement and financial need statement with the application.

undergraduate scholarship application | deadline February 8, 2019


  • Applicants must be currently enrolled students in the College of Human Sciences & Education, and must enroll full-time for both the fall and spring semesters of the next academic year.
  • Scholarship criteria vary according to each donor.  Students must be in good academic standing with the university and college.
  • Then, the College scholarship committee reviews the information of all eligible students and award scholarships. If a student is chosen to receive a scholarship, they will be notified by email.

Award Notification Timeline

Students who applied will receive an email regarding the committee’s decisions.

Our generous donors provide the scholarships offered by the LSU College of Human Sciences & Education. For this reason, students are asked to provide a written thank you note prior to receiving a scholarship. Any student who does not provide a thank you note or may have their scholarship money withheld or become ineligible to receive future scholarships from the College of Human Sciences & Education.

For more information on College of Human Sciences & Education scholarships, please email



Student Support Funds

College of Human Sciences & Education

Barnidge-Texas Tiger Endowed Scholarship

College of Human Sciences & Education General Scholarship Fund

Dr. Guy C. Mitchell Education Scholarship

Dr. Robert Von Brock Memorial Scholarship

Howard and Margaret Patton Endowed Scholarship

Kenneth and Susan Garrett Endowed Scholarship

Laura F. Lindsay Endowed Student Travel Fund

Leonel E. Tustison and Helen L. Tustison Scholarship

Robert E. & Earleen Dryer Nolan Scholarship

Shelby M. Jackson and Phoebe Steele Jackson Scholarship Fund

School of Education

Albert H. Leblanc Endowed Fellowship Fund

Arthur and Judith Halbrook Endowed Scholarship Fund

Association of Classroom Teachers EBR Endowed Scholarship Fund

Association of Classroom Teachers Fellowship Fund

Charlene Muffoletto Favre Scholarship

Clara Sevin Cagnolatti Student Award

Curriculum Theory Project Fund

Dana Hopkins Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dot and Rolfe McCollister, Sr. Leadership Award

Dr. William Rodney Cline Philosophy of Education Scholarship Fund

Gloria Owens Bryan Scholarship for Special Education

Ida Major Scholarship

Imogene and Thomas P. Dutsch Memorial Scholarship Fund

JoAnne J. Martin Memorial Geaux Teach Mathematics Student Scholarship

Katherine Evans Pope Scholarship in the School of Education

Paul and Ellen Arst Scholarship

Piccadilly / David Green Non-endowed Scholarship Fund

Steve and Nancy Walker Endowed Scholarship Fund

T. D. III and Sue Howe Geaux Teach Student Endowed Scholarship

William Rodney Cline Philosophy of Education Scholarship

School of Kinesiology

Don Franks/President’s Challenge Fellowship

Gary E. Albright Scholarship

Gerry Owens Scholarship

Harry Rabenhorst Memorial Scholarship

James A. "Jim" Cason Scholarship

Jinks Coleman Memorial Scholarship Fund

Judy Bhatia Scholarship

Kathy and Ernie Hill Award

L'Dora McKenzie Taylor and Charles Harlan Taylor Scholarship

Lea Thomas Memorial Scholarship

Premier Scholars of Kinesiology

Robert and Irene Cosgrove Scholarship Fund

School of Kinesiology General Scholarship Fund

School of Leadership & Human Resource Development

Betty C. Harrison Fellowship

SLHRD General Scholarship Fund

School of Library & Information Science

Agnes Corkern Sayers Endowed Fellowship

Anna C. Burns Library and Information Science Fellowship

Beta Zeta Scholarship

Beth M. Paskoff Award

Chevron MLIS Scholarship Fund

Donald D. Foos Scholarship

Dorothy Beckemeyer Skau Scholarship Fund

Florrinell F. Morton Scholarship Fund

Friends of Lafayette Parish Public Library Fellowship

H. W. Wilson Scholarship Fund

Helen Margaret Yerger Dew Scholarship

Jane A. Lambremont Fellowship

Jimmie Hartman Hoover Memorial Scholarship

John W. and Hester Slocum Fellowship

Lewis Mack Fellowship

Louisiana Library Association Trustees Section Award

Mary Jack Wintle Educational Fund

Mary M. Hanchey Memorial Fellowship

Nettie P Wilson Scholarship

Ollie H. Burns Scholarship Fund

Richard Peck Youth Services Scholarship Fund

Robert D. and Barbara R. Biggs Graduate Student Award

Sidone Lawrence Walker Memorial Scholarship

SLIS Frank & Margaret McEntee Travel Fellowship Fund

SLIS General Scholarship Fund

Suzanne Hughes-Francis Scholarship Fund

School of Social Work

Adrian Aycock Scholarship Fund

Alice A. & Milton E. Schmidt Award Fund

Baton Rouge Board of Realtors Scholarship

Betty J. Stewart Memorial Award

BR Metropolitan Lions Club Endowed Scholarship

C. Paul Phelps Memorial Scholarship

Charlotte Kamiya Memorial Scholarship

Christine Moore Memorial Fellowship Fund

Dean Emeritus Brij Mohan Award

Gloria Pichon Clayton Texas Tiger Tournament Endowed Scholarship

James Midgley Leadership Award

Jimmy Lea Moles Scholarship Fund

Kyra Leanne Jones Memorial Fellowship

LGPS Training Award Endowment

Marwood E. Ahrens Scholarship in Substance Abuse

Medical Social Work Scholarship

Nancy Dicharry Memorial Award

Paul Arst, Jr. Endowed Scholarship in Social Work

Peggy Saxton Draughn Endowed Scholarship

Phyllis Lefeaux and Drayton Vincent Fellowship in Mental Health

School of Social Work Faculty Honor Fellowship

School of Social Work General Scholarship Fund

Sharing Shores Scholarship

Social Work Entering Class of 1951 Endowed Scholarship

University Laboratory School

Carolyn Kent Rovee-Collier Memorial Scholarship

Christian Price Baer Memorial Scholarship

Cristin Gill Viguerie ’91 Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Leonard L. Kilgore Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Evans & Douglas Byrd Memorial Scholarship

Graham G. Bankston Memorial Scholarship

Jordan Irene Donnelly Memorial Scholarship

Scates Family Award Honoring Robert “Bob” F. Scates, Jr.

Tony Fertitta Memorial Scholarship

University Laboratory School General Scholarship Fund

Yancey White & Diane Simino Memorial Scholarship