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Improve student outcomes | expand your teaching skill toolkit | double your certifications | stand out to school principals

One of LSU’s strategic challenges is transforming education. One way for you to make a positive impact on education is to pursue a dual certification in general education and special education/mild-moderate disabilities. 

The School of Education’s grades 1-5 dual certification degree is an eight-semester program of study that allows students to graduate with two certifications. That alone makes you stand out to the school principal who will offer your first job upon graduation. 

Special Education Program faculty members have a vested interest in your exceptional and transformative development.  We work with public school mentor teacher teams to develop your teaching skills to improve the outcomes of students with and without disabilities. These teams will expand your teaching toolkit beyond the traditional teacher education program.

Child Centered

  • We recognize each student as an individual.
  • We value and teach each student within the contexts of his/her class, school, family, home, and community.

Data DrivenDual degree undergraduates in their purple caps and gowns at the May 2019 ceremony.

  • We strive to develop candidate knowledge and skill mastery of assessment and instructional procedures that are research- or evidence-based.
  • We incorporate objective and valid measurement in our planning, teaching, and evaluation processes.

Outcome Oriented

  • We foster teacher education candidate actions that emphasize development and monitoring of meaningful and appropriate student outcomes.
  • We cultivate a culture of effective collaboration with school professionals and family members in developing and monitoring meaningful and appropriate student outcomes. 

Recommended Program of Study.


For more information, please contact the Special Education faculty:

Ken Denny, PhD
Associate Professor

Margaret Denny, MEd

Kristin Gansle, PhD
Associate Professor

Paul Mooney, PhD
Associate Professor