Special Education

A Chance to Make A Difference

Special educators are specially trained professionals that provide instruction and support for students with disabilities. Theseteacher with students on a field trip professionals work in a variety of settings and roles to assure that students with disabilities have access to the promise of public education.

Special education represents one of the fastest growing professions in our country. Better identification and expanded services have created a great local and national need for individuals to become special educators. In Louisiana, almost one in three positions in special education are held by uncertified personnel, offering great potential for post-program employment.

Over five million students are served under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Dedicated parents and professionals work together to provide greater opportunities for students with disabilities to attend schools, learn, work, and participate in our communities. The promise of inclusive communities relies on highly trained professionals to continue the work. Be a part of the promise!

  • Our graduates are actively recruited for special education positions in Louisiana and across the country.
  • Special educators work closely with teachers and parents to provide individualized instruction for students with disabilities.
  • Highest need area for most states.
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Programs.
  • Financial Aid is often available to qualified applicants.
  • Special Education qualifies for Stafford Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program for up to $17,500.

In the last several years, Louisiana State University and the School of Education have made a substantial commitment to improving special education programs. In 2002, the Minor in Special Education was approved by the University representing the first opportunity in many years for this undergraduate certification. 


Undergraduate Minor

Mild and Moderate Disabilities (Grades 1-12)

The following courses are required for a minor in Special Education: Mild & Moderate Disabilities:

Course Credit Hours
EDCI 3701: Assessment for Special Education Instructional Practice 3
EDCI 3702: Instructional Practice for Students with Disabilities I 3
EDCI 3703: Instructional Practice for Students with Disabilities II: Reading and Literacy 3
EDCI 3712: Secondary Methods and Transition Planning in Special Education 3
EDCI 4705: Learning and Behavior Principles Applied to Students with Exceptionalities 3
Total 15


Students must be admitted to a teacher certification program to pursue a special education minor. They must also complete a combined student teaching in general and special education to obtain certification.

Prospective candidates should consult with advisors in the Office of Student Services, 236 Peabody Hall to carefully plan the sequencing of courses within a curriculum.

Special education certification requirements are subject to revision by the Louisiana Department of Education, requiring that students maintain contact with advisors to confirm certification requirements. 

For more information, please contact the Special Education faculty:

Ken Denny, PhD
Associate Professor


Margaret Denny, MEd


Kristin Gansle, PhD
Associate Professor


Paul Mooney, PhD
Associate Professor