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Bachelor's Degree


A B.S. in Coastal Environmental Science (CES) is offered in the College of the Coast and Environment (CC&E) at Louisiana State University. This undergraduate curriculum is an interdisciplinary, collaborative effort between the two departments housed in the College, the Department of Environmental Sciences and the Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences in which students develop a keen understanding of the careful balances struck among man, industry, and the environment.

We offer exciting courses in environmental, marine, wetland, toxicology and related sciences. And, our students are also provided with opportunities to work in laboratories, attend field trips, acquire hands-on experience, and study abroad.

Our program has the advantage of small classes with one of the smallest student-faculty ratios of 3:1. Additionally, students that graduate with a B.S. in CES will have career flexibility. They can pursue careers in environmental/technical consulting, science and management through the state and federal government, education, advocacy and public policy, and research support. To ensure that each student studies in the curriculum which best fit their interests and career goals, we offer a variety of curricular concentrations.


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Students can also choose to participate in a variety of graduate programs in environmental fields, environmental law, public health and public policy, medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and allied health professions. Students are encouraged to browse our web site and see the exciting courses we offer and the many opportunities for research experience at LSU and beyond.


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