photo of euricoEurico J. D'Sa

Position: Professor, Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences

Phone: 225-578-0212

Fax: 225-578-2520


Office: 306 Howe-Russell Geosciences Building

Bachelor's Degree(s): B.E. University of Bombay, 1981

Master's Degrees(s): M.S. Indian Institute of Science, 1990

Ph.D.(s): Ph.D. University of Southern Mississippi, 1996

Research Interests:

Ocean color remote sensing; Bio-optical properties of coastal and ocean waters; Physical-biogeochemical interactions; Optical properties of colored dissolved organic matter; Coastal biogeochemical processes



Classes Taught:

OCS 1005 (4) Introduction to Oceanography (every Fall)

ENVS 4145 Remote Sensing for Environmental Scientists (every Fall)

OCS 7175 Environmental Optics (every other Spring)

Awards & Honors:

Research Projects (5 most recent)

2010-2014 NASA – Implications of changing sea-ice on phytoplankton and zooplankton biomass and community structure in the Bering Sea. PI. C. Mouw co-PIs. E. J. D’Sa, J. Goes, H. Gomes, J. Miksis-Olds, J. Wang.

2009-2011 NASA – Geospatial Synthesis of Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter Distribution in the Gulf of Mexico for Water Clarity Decision Making. PI. C. Osburn, co-PIs. P. Coble, R. Chen, E. J. D’Sa, T. Bianchi, and R. Conmy.

2007-2011 NASA – A Gulf-Coast Monitoring and Hazards Decision Support Tool –Enhancements using NASA Earth Science Products, Data and Models. PI. E. J. D’Sa, co-PIs. G. Stone, N. Walker, D. Braud, and D. Ko.

2007-2010- NASA – Spatial and Temporal Variability in Chlorophyll, Primary Production and Carbon Export in the Bering Sea Linked to Climate Change. PI. J. Goes, co-PIs. E. J. D’Sa, and H. Gomes.

2006-2010-BOEM – Long Term Trends in Environmental Parameters along the Louisiana/Mississippi Outer Continental Shelf Using Ocean Color Remote Sensing. PI. E. J. D’Sa

Selected Publications:

Chaichitehrani, N., E. J. D’Sa, C. L. Osburn, T. S. Bianchi, and B. A. Schaeffer. 2013. Chromophoric dissolved organic matter and dissolved organic carbon from SeaWiFS, MODIS and MERIS sensors: Case study for the northern Gulf of Mexico. Remote Sensing, 5:1439-1464.

Naik, P., E. J. D’Sa, J. I. Goes, H. R. Gomes, and C. Mouw. 2013. Light absorption properties of southeastern Bering Sea waters: analysis, parameterization and implications for remote sensing. Remote Sensing of Environment, 134:120-134.

Wang, J., H. Hu, J. Goes, J. Miksis-Olds, C. Mouw, E. J. D’Sa, H. Gomes, D. R. Wang, K. Mizobata, S. Saitoh, and L. Luo. 2013. A modeling study of seasonal variations of sea ice and plankton in the Bering and Chukchi Seas during 2007-2008. Journal of Geophysical Research Oceans, 118:1-14.

Edwards, B., S. Namikas, and E. J. D’Sa. 2013. Simple infrared techniques for measuring beach surface moisture. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 38:192-197.

Naik, P., and E. J. D’Sa. 2012. Phytoplankton light absorption of cultures and natural samples: comparisons using two spectrophotometers. Optics Express, 20:4871-4886.

Dash, P. N. D. Walker, D. Mishra, E. J. D’Sa, and S. Ladner. 2012. Atmospheric correction and vicarious calibration of Oceansat-1 OCM data in coastal case 2 waters. Remote Sensing, 4:1716-1740.

Naik, P., E. J. D’Sa, M. Grippo, R. Condrey, and J. Fleeger. 2011. Absorption properties of shoal dominated waters in the Atchafalaya shelf, Louisiana, USA. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 15:4383-4406.

Laws, E., E. J. D’Sa, and P. Naik. 2011. Simple equations to estimate ratios of new or export production to total production from satellite-derived estimates of sea surface temperature and primary production. Limnology and Oceanography: Methods, 9:593-601.

Dash, P., N. D. Walker, D. R. Mishra, C. Hu, J. L. Pinckney, and E. J. D’Sa. 2011. Estimation of cyanobacterial pigments in a freshwater lake using OCM satellite data. Remote Sensing of the Environment, 115:4383-4406.

D’Sa, E. J., M. Korobkin, and D. S. Ko. 2011. Effects of Hurricane Ike on the Louisiana-Texas coast from satellite and model data. Remote Sensing Letters, 2:11-19.

Singh, S., E. J. D’Sa, and E. Swenson.  2010. Chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM) variability in Barataria Basin using excitation-emission matrix (EEM) fluorescence and parallel factor analysis (PARAFAC). Science of Total Environment, 408:3211-3222.

Wang, F., and E. J. D’Sa. 2010. Potential of MODIS EVI in identifying hurricane disturbance to coastal vegetation in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Remote Sensing, 2:1-18, doi:10.3390/rs2010001.

D’Sa, E. J., and S. DiMarco. 2009. Seasonal variability and controls on chromophoric dissolved organic matter in a large river-dominated coastal margin. Limnology and Oceanography, 54:2233-2242.

D’Sa, E. J., and D.S. Ko. 2008. Short-term influences on suspended particulate matter distribution in the northern Gulf of Mexico: satellite and model observations. Sensors, 8:4249-4264.

D’Sa, E. J. 2008. Colored dissolved organic matter in coastal waters influenced by the Atchafalaya River, USA: Effects of an algal bloom. Journal of Applied Remote Sensing, 2:023502, doi:10.1117/1.2838253.