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Department Chair

Kevin Armbrust headshotKevin L. Armbrust
Professor and Chair, Claiborne Gasoline Company Chair in Air Quality/Environmental Toxicology
1279 Energy, Coast and Environment Building
Research Interests:
My overall research programs cover the movement, disposition and ultimate degradation/fate and toxicity of chemicals in environmental matrices (water, sediment and biota) with a focus on Louisiana watersheds, wetlands and coastal areas. We develop laboratory and field methods to assess important biological and physical dissipation processes in surface soils/sediments as well as near surface water and measuring contributions of chemical loads by different use patterns to non-target freshwater and marine watersheds. We have programs assessing the transport of pesticides, petrochemicals, and human health pharmaceuticals and their degradation products in soil and water, the influence of sunlight on their degradation and toxicity in soil and water, environmental and biological processes influencing pesticide and pharmaceutical degradation, and the environmental impact of pesticides and pharmaceutical products. We also have projects assessing amounts of chemical contamination in manufactured and retail food and animal feed and the impacts on human health. There is a strong emphasis on research as it impacts regulatory science in ecological and human health risk assessment such that the best available science is incorporated into regulatory and policy decisions at the state, national and international levels.

Rachel Lau
Assistant to the Chair

Katie Grimes
Academic Coordinator and CES Academic Counselor

Professors (A-Z)

Chris D'Elia headshotChristopher D'Elia
Professor and Dean of the College of the Coast & Environment
Research Interests:
Nutrient dynamics in aquatic systems; estuarine ecology; coral reef ecology; algal/invertebrate symbiosis; science history and policy; math and science education; marine pollution; global climate change; analytical chemistry


Rebeca Crespo headshotRebeca de Jesús Crespo
Assistant Professor
1263 Energy, Coast and Environment Building
Research Interests:
Landscape Ecology, Ecosystem Services, Environmental Drivers of Human Health and Well Being, Watershed Management, Sustainable Development


Denise DeLorme headshotDenise DeLorme
Professor, Environmental Communication
3181 Energy, Coast and Environment Building
Research Interests:
Qualitative social science research methods, including focus groups and in-depth interviews; environmental communication, social marketing, stakeholder engagement, and health communication

David Dismukes headshot
David Dismukes
Professor, Executive Director and Professor Center for Energy Studies
1069 Energy, Coast and Environment Building

Thomas Douthat headshotThomas Douthat
Assistant Professor
2111 Energy, Coast and Environment Building
Research Interests:
I study how place based systems adapt to social, economic, and environmental change through the lenses of law, planning and policy, and economic geography. My work has involved diverse subjects ranging from coffee to transportation, and spans both rural and urban areas. I approach problems through the prism of my background in the fields of environmental planning and governance, spatial analysis, and law, and seek to create practical solutions for a more equitable and resilient society. This involves adaptation in socio-environmental systems (e.g. coastal communities, and agriculture), linkages between environmental and economic systems, and sustainable transportation.

Linda Hooper-Bui headshotLinda Hooper-Bùi
1249 Energy, Coast and Environment Building
Research Interests:
Community structure, niche theory, disturbance/disaster ecology and multi-stressors in ecosystems, climate change and sea-level rise, intricate details of basic biology about how insects and spiders survive stressors, food webs and nutrient dynamics – from large scale to minuscule


Aixin Hou headshotAixin Hou
Professor and Shell Professor in Oceanography/Wetland Studies
1225 Energy, Coast and Environment Building
Research Interests:
Microbial ecology; biogeochemistry; water quality


Martin Hugh-Jones headshotMartin Hugh-Jones
Emeritus Professor
225-578-5599 2279
2279 Energy, Coast and Environment Building

Crystal Johnson headshotCrystal N. Johnson
Associate Professor
2283 Energy, Coast and Environment Building
Research Interests:
I am currently examining how Vibrio spp. (V. parahaemolyticus, V. vulnificus, and V. cholerae) respond to environmental cues, including sea surface temperature, salinity, chlorophyll, turbidity, suspended particulate matter, and dissolved organic carbon. It is well-established that temperature affects the levels of these naturally occurring marine bacteria (i.e., their levels are higher in warmer months and lower in cooler months), but it remains unclear what combinations of other environmental factors contribute to the variations in vibrio levels.


Yong-ha Kim stands in front of a treeYong-Ha Kim
Assistant Professor
1261 Energy, Coast and Environment Building
Research Interests:
With the goal of developing new principles and technologies that can improve the quality of human life and lead to sustainable development, my research is focused on the fundamentals of colloid and surface science and radiation chemistry and physics, and their applications in environmental engineering and science. My current research interests include colloidal phenomena and contaminant transport modeling in environmental systems, radiation dosimetry and indoor air quality, and chemical and environmental process intensification.   


Nina Lam headshotNina Lam
Professor & Abraham Distinguished Professor of Louisiana Environmental Studies
2275 Energy, Coast and Environment Building
Research Interests:
Geographic information science, remote sensing; spatial analysis, environmental health, disaster resilience, sustainability


Ed Laws headshotEdward Laws
3141 Energy, Coast and Environment Building
Research Interests:
phytoplankton ecology, water pollution, climate change


Slawo Lomnicki headshotSlawomir Lomnicki
Associate Professor
1251 Energy, Coast and Environment Building
Research Interests:
Homogeneous catalysis; Combustion processes; Reactivity and properties of nanoparticles; Biological interactions of nanoparticles


Ed Overton headshotEdward Overton
Emeritus Professor
1265 Energy, Coast and Environment Building
Research Interests:
Analytical-Environmental Chemistry – trace organic analyses using high resolution separation techniques and high resolution gas chromatography-mass spectrometry; environmental monitoring; environmental analyses and their associated data interpretation, management and presentation techniques; application of analytical techniques and chemical principles to emergency spill responses; chemical hazard evaluations and risk assessments; analytical instrument development for use with hazardous chemical spill incidents, ambient environmental monitoring, and monitoring in closed (indoor) environments; and development of methods to detect, assess and mitigate environmental chemical hazards


Ralph Portier stands in a labRalph J. Portier
Emeritus Professor
1165 Energy, Coast and Environment Building
Research Interests:
Aquatic and marine ecotoxicology; industrial microbiology; bioremediation


Margaret Reams headshotMargaret A. Reams
2115 Energy, Coast and Environment Building
Research Interests:
Environmental policy and management; resilience; sustainability


Lawrence J. Rouse
Emeritus Professor
1225 Energy, Coast and Environment Building 


Brian Snyder headshotBrian Snyder
Assistant Professor
1109 Energy, Coast and Environment Building
Research Interests:
Renewable energy systems, climate policy, energy flow through human systems


Vince Wilson headshot
Vincent L. Wilson
Professor and Director, CC&E Undergraduate Programs
1253 Energy, Coast and Environment Building

Research Associates (A-Z)

Laura Basirico
1177 Energy, Coast and Environment Building

Jiusheng Ren

Roberto Wong
1267 Energy, Coast and Environment Building

Postdoctoral Researchers (A-Z)

Farhana Hasan

Volodymr Mihunov