Business Card Request for Students and Alumni


In partnership with funding from LSU Student Government, the LSU Olinde Career Center is pleased to provide LSU students and alumni with personal business cards. Please read the FAQs below to determine whether you would like to request business cards, and to understand the appropriate use of business cards in your networking and job search.

Business Card FAQs:

When should I use a business card vs a resume?

  • LSU students should NOT use business cards at events like the career expo – this is an instance when a resume is more appropriate.
  • Business cards should be used in situations such as when you make a connection in an airport, or while traveling, with someone you would like to continue networking with.
  • If a student makes a connection with a professional at a panel event or at a campus organization meeting it would be appropriate to share a business card to maintain the connection.

Why do I need a business card?

  • Business cards are beneficial to have as a student when you want to stay in contact with a professional you meet outside of a formal event such as the career expo or professional networking reception.
  • The LSU Olinde Career Center understands our students have a lot to offer and should have the opportunity to own business cards for this purpose before entering the job force.
  • Obtaining business cards right now will prepare students for future networking opportunities during their career and allow students to be more confident when making new professional connections.

Request Process:

  • Students and alumni can complete the form below to receive a set of 20 business cards.
  • Business cards will be processed and ready for pick up in five business days. Students will receive an email to the address listed in the form below once cards are ready for pickup from the LSU Olinde Career Center.
  • All business cards will follow similar formatting, as shown in the examples below, including a limit on the number of lines that can be printed.

Click here to complete your Business Card Request form.

Example of current student business card:

business card image example current student

Example of alumni business card: 

business card image example alumni


Business Card Program funded by LSU Student Government

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