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For more information, email volunteer@lsu.edu or call us at 
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Volunteer LSU

Volunteer LSU is a university initiative led by Campus Life that provides curated service opportunities for LSU students. We evaluate options that build partnerships within the community, instill a lifelong commitment to service for student participants, and then offer those to the LSU community.

As a participant in Volunteer LSU events and experiences, Campus Life will assist you with tracking and verifying service hours and providing large-scale opportunities for involvement with the LSU, Baton Rouge, and surrounding communities.

History of the Initiative

Following the impact of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, LSU students felt compelled to respond to the needs of the affected communities. These efforts led to the formation of the student group, Volunteer LSU, to promote and coordinate volunteer opportunities. While the group operated successfully as a student organization for many years, the effort reverted to a campus-driven initiative to have an even greater reach and impact.

Service Updates

Students can sign-up to receive service opportunities by joining the Volunteer LSU initiative page within TigerLink. 

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