In LSU Campus Life, we promote community engagement as a way to cultivate healthy relationships and greater understanding in a complex and interconnected world.
We focus on providing experiential learning opportunities on campus and in the community that challenge students to think, act and reflect upon their role as citizens and change agents.

Working to address community needs is one way in which we increase our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Our programs seek to move students to a place of active citizenship.

In our work, we look to the following developmental models and theories:

The Social Change Model

The Social Change Model is used to enhance student learning and to develop great self-knowledge and leadership competence in student participants. It provides that leaders may not always hold traditional roles, and that leaders are those individuals who want to make positive change.

The Active Citizen Continuum

The Active Citizen Continuum teaches us that students enter into service programs having various degrees of understanding about their about their ability and role in creating change. Our goal is to move students along the continuum toward becoming an Active Citizen.