Campus Life regularly assesses events and programs against planned learning outcomes and Student Affairs’ Outcomes as part of ongoing evaluation for continual improvement and growth in student learning.

As outlined in the Student Affairs Master Assessment Plan, Campus Life’s annual assessment plan is prepared annually to support the Student Affairs strategic plan, is reviewed by the Assessment Contacts Committee, and is implemented by Campus Life professional staff.

Three primary assessments are scheduled for the 2017-18 academic year:

Involvement, Leadership & Service Needs Assessment

This assessment will:

  • gauge the interest and needs of LSU students related to activities, leadership development, involvement, and service;
  • determine best venues and times to offer such initiatives;
  • understand the use of the services of Campus Life;
  • gauge the quality of Campus Life’s relationships with constituents; and
  • have a qualitative measure of learning related to the divisional Student  Success Outcomes.

The assessment will be qualitative in 2017-18, a departure from the quantitative studies that have been done in the past. Qualitative study will allow us to delve deeper into topics that have trended positively and negatively in previous years’ needs assessment.

The results of this assessment will be used to improve current practice by assisting to:

  • make budget decisions and plan programs and initiatives for the following year;
  • qualitatively understand divisional Student Success Outcomes and how students learn; and
  • prepare for and determine future directions of Campus Life.

Student Leader Career Readiness and Leadership Development Assessment

This assessment will:

  • measure Campus Life student leaders’ growth from their baseline at the beginning of their term through their exit of the position.

The assessment will be delivered via advisors scores on a rubric to Campus Life student leaders (approximately 50 students in six organizations) during January (baseline) and December (exit) as a pre-post test instrument. Rubrics will be used to measure learning on a continuum.

The results of this assessment will be used to improve current practice by assisting with:

  • advising models and leadership development for positional leaders;
  • training, advising, and evaluation of student leaders; and
  • real data on student learning (obtained with select student leaders).

Program Learning Assessment

This assessment will:

  • measure learning among participants in Campus Life programs and initiatives

The assessment will be delivered to three high-level programs from each Campus Life area (service, activities, and involvement). These assessments may include cursory looks at Kirkpatrick Model Level 1 learning (reaction), but will delve deeper over time to also measure Level 2 (learning) and Level 3 (behavior).

The results of this assessment will be used to improve current practice by assisting with:

  • development of programmatic learning outcomes and curricula; and
  • development of program design and delivery.